Ice Cream Truck to open in Isabella County

Daniels Fischer sits in one of his Sweet Treats Ice Cream Trucks, which he owns with his wife, on April 10.

Melodic tones from an ice cream truck might soon be heard during the warmer months in Isabella County, thanks to Kellie and Daniels Fischer. 

Sweet Treats was scheduled to open on April 5, but a cold-front delayed the grand opening until April 10. The truck is now operational.

Weather permitting, the husband and wife plan to run the truck weekdays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and encourage people to watch their Facebook page for updates. 

The mission of Sweet Treats Ice Cream Trucks is delivering smiles one sweet treat at a time.

Sweet Treats' route covers Mount Pleasant, including the neighborhoods on the edge of town. The Fischer's have tentative plans to also take the truck to Shepherd. 

“Shepard does not have any food truck ordinances,” Daniels said. “So they are in the process of trying to put together something because another food truck has contacted them and wants to know if they can operate there also.”

Ohio junior Erin Carver likes the idea of ice cream coming to her door in Deerfield Village Apartments, rather than making the trek across town to Doozies.

"In the (apartments) you have to go out of your way — because it is off campus — to go and get things," Carver said. "Everything is on Mission (Street) and I am off Mission, so if (the ice cream truck) were to come here to the apartments it would be a lot easier for us."

While the Fischers plan to meander through the city seeking customers who need refreshment, Daniels said they also have a smaller push cart to use downtown and at Island Park. They even discussed bringing the push cart by the bars at night to appeal to a late-night crowd. 

Lewiston senior Cameron Nicker recalled the popularity of another ice cream truck that visited his apartment complex late at night, earlier in the school year. 

"Everyone wants ice cream, especially at midnight," Nickert said.

Sweet Treats will also be a vendor at Central Michigan University Research Corporation’s Food Truck Fridays. The truck will be available to rent for private events such as birthday and graduation parties. 

“For a lot of people in Grand Rapids and Detroit — the hot new thing is to have an ice cream truck or push cart come to your graduation or birthday party or your cooperate events to entertain the kids,” Daniels said. 

Growing up in the Lansing area, Kellie remembers ice cream trucks as large part of her childhood in the summer months. Her aunt even owned a truck, and Kellie would ride along. 

Wanting to bring that same enjoyment to her own kids and the Mount Pleasant community, Kellie, supported by her husband, is turning that dream into reality. 

The Fischers began saving up for the business more than a year ago and began implementing the plan at the start of this year by buying a truck. 

With help from Bill’s Custom Fab, Inc., a custom metal window was put in place that easily opens and closes. Top Dog Car Audio installed a music box, and equipment for the freezer. E&S Graphics was responsible for the logo and decals.

“I wanted to make sure it was a good clean vehicle that parents would feel safe sending their kids to,” Daniels said.

Kellie will be running the truck the most with help from her sister, said Daniels, who has worked at the Soaring Eagle Casino for 13 years and as a VIP host for three.

The flexible hours of running an ice cream truck will make things easy for Kellie, who has not been able have a full-time job while she cares for her 10-year-old son who was born with Hirschsprung’s Disease — which affects the large intestine. He has had 14 surgeries over the course of his life, keeping Kellie busy. 

The truck will be entirely run by their family with no hired help, Daniels said.

As a former delivery driver for Schwan’s, Daniels said the city's regulations were steep compared to some other places. 

“We keep everything professional and done right. That’s very important to us — that we do everything that is needed for the city of Mount Pleasant,” Daniels said.