CM Life wins College Newspaper of the Year at 2018 MPA Convention


Central Michigan Life won College Newspaper of the Year at the 2018 Michigan Press Association Convention, among many other awards.

The convention this year took place May 9-10 at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center in East Lansing. Along with College Newspaper of the Year, CM Life also won awards for the MPA College Better Newspaper Contest for Division 1, which is a publication that prints more than once a week. 

Kate Carlson, 2017 alumna and editor-in-chief of CM Life during the Spring 2017 semester said she was honored to be a part of “delivering excellent journalism” to CM Life’s readers.

“What we accomplished together in almost every award category shows our dedication and ability to collaborate across the newsroom to hone the best work possible,” she said.

Carlson said she was incredibly proud of her staff she worked with during Spring 2017.

“I hope every staff member who worked for us during that time knows that even if their name is not attached to a specific award, they still contributed to the environment at the paper that helped us with these achievements,” she said.

Awards won include:

  • Best Photographer:
    • First place: Richard Drummond.
    • Honorable Mention: Binge Yan
  • Best Writer:
    • First place: McKenzie Sanderson
    • Third place: Sarah Wolpoff
  • Column- Review or Blog- News or Sports:
    • First place: "Diverse cities like Dearborn make America great, Trump should visit" by Andrew Surma
  • Editorial:
    • First place:  "Combating Campus Sexual Assault" by Editorial Board
    • Second place: “High time for change For years, the DEA has listed pot as a Schedule I drug, but it should be legal for all uses” by Ben Solis, Kate Carlson and Andrew Surma
    • Honorable Mention: “Now what? An extreme force of change has come to America” by Ben Solis and Dominick Mastrangelo
  • Feature Photo
    • Third place: “DNCE in concert”
  • Feature Story
    • First place: “Finding liberation at CMU LGBTQ students date in college for the first time, but struggle to balance the clashing climates of two homes” by Sarah Wolpoff
    • Third place: “Inside the life of medical students” by Greg Horner
  • Front Page Design
    • First place: “Divided We Stand” by Ashley Simigian
    • Second place: “Fight of his Life” by Josh Barnhart and Annah Horak
    • Honorable mention: “Game of the Year” by Nate Morrison
  • News Story
    • First place: “Former student allegedly hazed by ‘underground fraternity’” by Kate Carlson
    • Third place: “Everyday heroes: Student veterans receive 'Gold Star' treatment while pursuing degrees” by Emily DeRuiter and Johnathan Hogan
    • Honorable mention: “Forensics testing, interviews elongate sexual assault investigations” by Johnathan Hogan
  • News-Only Photo
    • Second place: “Protester” by Richard Drummond 
    • Third place: “Inauguration in Washington D.C.” by Chelsea Grobelny
  • Non-Front Page Design
    • First place: “Best finish ever” by Nate Morrison and Ashley
    • Second place: “Lights, camera, MACtion” by Nate Morrison
    • Third place: “Finding the right match” by Annah Horak
    • Honorable mention: “Spirit of the Stadium: Marching Chips use dedication, focus to perfect gameday performance” by Nate Morrison
  • Sports News/Features:
    • Third place: “Spirit of the Stadium: Marching Chips use dedication, focus to perfect gameday performance” by Dominick Mastrangelo and Monica Bradburn
  • Sports Photo
    • First place: “Baseball”
    • Third place: “Soccer” by Richard Drummond
    • Honorable mention: “Gymnastics” by Binge Yan
  • Multimedia Reporting: 
    • Second place: “Riding the Pine: CMU Dance Team” by Shelby Webster 
    • Third place: “Battling Fate” by Josh Barnhart
    • Honorable mention: “Evangelical Preacher William Bly” by Brianne Twiddy
  • Online Newspaper
    • First place: Online editions
  • Single Ad
    • First place: SCIT
    • Second place: Barberi Law
    • Honorable mention: Vaped Ape
  • Special Advertising Section
    • First place: Greek Guide 2017


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