New Student Convocation Ceremony welcomes the class of 2022


The New Student Convocation Ceremony takes place Saturday to officially welcome the class of 2022 to campus.

Attendance from both incoming freshman and transfer students is required from 3-4 p.m inside McGuirk Arena. Students will hear from university leadership, a faculty member and a recent graduate.

Heather Smith, director of university communications, said new President Robert Davies will likely not attend convocation unless he can fit it into his schedule.

This is only the second New Student Convocation. Last year was the first. 

The goal of the ceremony is to create a sense of belonging for students, emphasize the importance of academics and show support as new students start their college career.

Alumni will greet students as they arrive for the ceremony while passing out giveaways. The event also is used as a resource during the convocation for students who seek advice or information.

Students on campus will meet with their resident assistants to travel to the ceremony as a group. Those who do not live on campus are instructed to park in Lot 64 and arrive by 2:45 p.m. to the arena.

Those who are not on campus may view the event online by using a livestream link on the university's website.