CMU's tenth annual Audiology Lecture Series to take place Sept. 28


At Central Michigan University’s 10th annual Audiology Lecture Series, speakers will focus on managing hearing loss for infants and young children.

The lecture series will begin at 8:30 a.m. Sept. 28 in Conference Room A at the Comfort Inn and Suites. 

The goal of the lecture is to provide information about diagnosis and treatment for infants and young children with hearing loss, including pediatric hearing aid fittings and the importance of behavioral assessments. 

“The lecture is going to be about state-of-the-art techniques and accurately diagnosing hearing loss in infants and then managing their hearing loss, whether that be with cochlear implants or hearing aids,” communication disorders faculty member M. Dawn Nelson said.

The two main presenters are Marlene Bagatto, a research associate and professor at the National Centre for Audiology at Western University in London, Ontario, and Anne Marie Tharpe, chair of the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. 

Bagatto will explain how to use auditory brainstem response for hearing aid fittings and special populations of children with hearing loss. Her research focuses on optimizing hearing aid fittings in pediatrics and measuring the impact of the intervention on children. 

Tharpe will discuss behavioral assessments for infants and children. She researches the developmental impact hearing loss has on young children. Tharpe is one of the world’s leading audiologists, Nelson said. She spoke at CMU’s first Audiology Lecture Series and will come back to speak at the 10th anniversary.

Together, Bagatto and Tharpe will talk about recent trends in pediatric hearing aid fittings and the outcomes for infants and children who wear hearing aids.

The lecture will be moderated by Nelson. She teaches in CMU's Doctor of Audiology Program. 

“The lecture series is important to the audiology program because we bring in top of the field, state-of-the-art lecturers to discuss relevant topics in audiology,” she said.

Nelson looks at the lecture series as an opportunity to share knowledge with the community, to have the audiology students exposed to professionals in the field, and to show off CMU’s audiology program and clinic. 

The cost of attendance is $100 per person. September 14 was the registration deadline. 

Complimentary spots available for students. To receive one of these spots, contact Lorie Fox at or 989-774-3471.