Down Under Food Court may reopen on Sept. 13


The Down Under Food Court (DUFC) in the Bovee University Center remains closed after a 4-inch cast iron sewer pipe broke beneath the cafeteria's floor. 

Nikki Smith, district marketing manager of campus dining, said the maintenance issue was discovered a week before classes started. 

"Our goal now is to get the food court open as soon as possible, but that can't happen until this repair is fully completed," Smith said. 

While the DUFC remains under construction, sushi, soup and packaged sandwiches will be available for purchase at Burrito Bowl, located on the main floor of the U.C.

"Our team is working as fast as we can," said Jonathan Webb, associate vice president of facilities management. "It's been a little bit of a challenge, but we are looking forward to getting operations back on schedule." 

He predicts the cafeteria will reopen Sept. 13. 

Webb said when issues with the pipe became apparent, Facilities Management had to tear open the floor in order to reach the breakage. 

"The (UC) is such an old building with an old infrastructure, that (it) can be hard to navigate through," he said. "The sewer pipe serves not just this building, but this university. Whenever you run water down the drain or flush the toilet (on campus), it's going right into those pipes." 

Despite these obstacles, Webb said that he is confident in the construction's progress. 

"I'm hoping that later this week we will finally know everything about the full state of the place and when, specifically, it'll be ready to go," he said. 


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