CEHS counseling center increases hours to accommodate more clients

Services are offered to CMU students and Mount Pleasant community


Toys in the children's counseling room in the Center for Community Counseling and Development on Sept. 24 in the Education and Human Services building.

As the Counseling Center attempts to answer to the increase in demand for mental health services with more staff, many lesser-known mental health services on campus are reaching out to offer their services to more students. 

The Center for Community Counseling and Development is one of those places. The center offers the services of CMU graduate students who are studying to become professional counselors, while under the direct supervision of an experienced clinical supervisor. 

The center is located in Room 322 on the third floor of the Education and Human Services Building.

Free services are offered to CMU students, members of the CMU community and residents of Mt. Pleasant area including individuals of all ages, couples and families. Services are also open to CMU staff, and counselors can offer couple and group counseling sessions. 

The center is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday. This is a change from previous years, when the center was open one evening during the week.

"We changed our hours to make the center more accessible to everyone," said counseling and special education faculty member Jennifer Werries, who supervises the center. This is her first year in charge of the center, and the increase in hours was a change she implemented. 

"When we were only open one evening a week, it was difficult for (students) to come in for services," she said. 

There are 11 counselors, all of whom are graduate students working to gain practicum hours. Counselors at the center are currently working with a little over a dozen clients, but they are working to spread the word to build their client base. 

While the CMU Counseling Center focuses on providing short-term counseling to students, the Center for Community Counseling and Development has more of a focus on long-term counseling. 

"We're built on a longer-term model of care," said Lansing graduate student Jordan Wolfe. "We don't limit the number of sessions that clients come in for." 

The Counseling Center is solution-focused, said Mount Pleasant graduate student Julia Wagner, meaning they take one-time appointments and assess from there. 

By allowing clients to schedule regular appointments with a counselor, the Center for Community Counseling and Development maintains a long-term relationship with visitors. 

To schedule an appointment at the Center for Community Counseling and Development, call 989-774-3532. There is free parking in lot 33 after 4 p.m., and metered parking is available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Other on-campus services

  • Counseling Center, 102 Foust Hall: 989-774-3381
  • Psychological Training and Consultation Center, Health Professions Building: 989-774-3904
  • CMU Cares, 290 Ronan Hall: 989-774-22734
  • University Health Services: 200 Foust Hall/Troutman 103: 989-774-6599