EDITORIAL: Support the football team in the first home game Saturday

Central Michigan Chippewas quarterback Tony Poljan (1) looks for open teammates during the Kentucky vs. Central Michigan game on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018, in Lexington, Kentucky. Kentucky won 35-20. Courtesy Photo | Jordan Prather

This Saturday will officially kick off another football season at Central Michigan University. The Chippewas face the Kansas Jayhawks in the first home game at 3 p.m. Sept. 8 at Kelly/Shorts Stadium.

Football season is a fun and memorable time of the year for every CMU student, for one reason in particular — tailgating.

Hundreds of people decked out in maroon and gold come together with their trucks or tents, food, drinks and music to celebrate before the game. The parking lots and areas surrounding Kelly/Shorts Stadium are flooded with people who are excited and pumped up. Tailgates are some of the biggest parties of the year.

Alumni and students’ families and friends often travel to campus to enjoy each others’ company in what is hopefully beautiful weather. It's one of only times students, faculty members, Mount Pleasant community members and alumni are all together in one spot.

Ask CMU students or alumni what their favorite parts about CMU culture is, and they're bound to mention tailgating before the football games.

Friends, food, music and football — it's a perfect way to spend a Saturday. Most students are probably looking forward to a chance to unwind, especially now that classes are in full swing and the homework and assignments are beginning to pile up. However, a lot of those students probably won’t go to the football game after the tailgate.

This Saturday, after you’ve caught up with your friends and enjoyed yourself for a while,  go cheer on the Chippewas at the game. 

Take advantage of the free admission to sports games for CMU students — actually check out the game after the tailgate.

The football players are your fellow students. They have all of the classes, homework, exams and studying they need to do that you do. Except on top of all that, they have hours of practices and training everyday so they can play an incredibly intense sport as a student athlete. 

The Chippewas lost their first game against Kentucky on Sept. 1, so they could use your support this Saturday. 

Take all of the high energy and fun from the tailgate to the football game and truly make it a Saturday to remember.

CMU beat Kansas last year, so it’s looking hopeful that they could earn their first win of the season this Saturday. Go to the game and cheer them on!

Fire up chips!