Intersectionality Workshop for CMU Faculty


"Intersectionality" desribes the connected nature of social groups. Gender, class and race are among the categories observed in the study of intersectionality.

As part of a new University Program Group IV-A, "Studies in other forms of discrimination," a series of seminars on intersectionality is being held to inform Central Michigan University faculty on social identities and circular development.

According to the CMU Events Calendar, “Topics to be discussed include: (1) IV-A learning outcomes; (2) brief review of the study of intersectionality and how it informs our understanding of discrimination; and (3) the effect of the multiple identities characteristic of the students and the instructor on classroom learning.”

This seminar is the last of the series “Talking Across Differences: Intergroup Dialogue and Intersectionality,” and will be held from 2-3 p.m. Oct. 19 in the Charles V. Park Library Room 413.

CMU faculty teaching courses related to Group IV-A are encouraged to participate in the workshop.