COLUMN: Thank you for supporting our journalism this semester


In the beginning of this semester, I wrote a column about my “why.”

My why, or reason, for doing journalism is I believe in the truth. I believe journalism is the backbone of a democratic society.

This semester, my why was fulfilled to a level I never expected. This semester, Central Michigan Life found the truth for our readers. We worked incredibly hard to find the answers to the things people should know about happening on campus and around the community.

Whether it was revealing that a former baseball strength and conditioning coach was stealing Adderall from players, or that sexual assault does happen on our campus by telling a survivor’s story, we searched for the truth. We found it. For students, community members, faculty or alumni — we found it for you.

I hope this shows readers how important student media is on this campus. Without us, there might be a lot you never read about or know about. 

Student media, journalism, makes a difference. On your campus and in your community. After CM Life published a week of sexual assault coverage, President Robert Davies wrote an open letter to the CMU community in response to our coverage.

He wrote how he will be creating a Title IX task force to put more focus on sexual assault incidents and how to help survivors.

Journalism spearheads change. Student media on a college campus is especially essential to those attending a university. 

While I thank our incredible staff for all of the amazing work they’ve done this semester and all of the outstanding journalism they produced, I also want to thank you — our readers. 

Thank you for reading us. For supporting us. Encouraging us to keep finding those answers and holding those in power accountable. 

To the people who came to us this semester with tips on a story or advice: Thank you. Your ability to communicate and reach out to us is exactly what we need to do our jobs. 

I would also like to say thank you to President Davies for your openness and support for student media. Knowing you are one of our readers is incredibly encouraging. 

In order to keep fulfilling the “why” that fuels a lot of us student journalists to execute the work that we do, we will need your support.  

We want your feedback. We want to know what students and faculty are concerned about on this campus. We want to collaborate with our students and readers. 

We can be a catalyst for change on this campus, but in order to do so, we need support from you. So always reach out to us. On social media, at or come up to our office located in Moore Hall, Room 436. Help us help you. 

Next semester, CM Life is dedicated to continuing our momentum. 

We will always be searching for the truth and acting as a voice for students on this campus.


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