CMU k-pop fans connect to form new RSO


Chelsea Freshman Sara Dana performs a dance routine during a K-Central meeting on Jan. 18. in the Rose Center room 126.

Central Michigan University has joined the K-pop trend with a new registered student organization.

"K-pop at Central," CMU's K-pop dance RSO, made their first official appearance at the Fall 2018 Main Stage for recruitment.

"K-Central is a K-pop dance club focused on bringing together a community of fans and people who enjoy K-pop while having fun together in a productive way," said Grayling junior and K-pop at Central Vice President Madison Jones.

Hudsonville senior and K-pop at Central President Sara Yasick said she had the goal to start the RSO ever since she enrolled in CMU.

“I just didn’t have the means of enough people to create an E-Board to make this club happen,” Yasick said. 

Jones said she met Yasick through a mutual friend last year, bonded over their love for K-pop and decided to start the RSO.

"Last academic year, we got together and set up plans to become an RSO for this current academic year and we have been a group since the beginning of fall semester," Jones said.

 As an official RSO, they are working on gathering more members.

"We have been working word of mouth, so anybody I see with a K-pop sticker on their laptop, or K-pop shirts, K-pop anything, I go up to them and promote the group,” Yasick said.

K-pop at Central plans to perform at a cultural event as a way to get the presence of the RSO out.

Yasick said the group focuses on being a fun and open community where people can bond over their love for specific groups and songs.

"It’s been super beneficial for me because I love having K-pop friends and having that person that you can freak out with when a new song comes out, so you always want to have that companionship,” Yasick said.

Mount Pleasant freshman and general member Mara Leak said she loves how relaxed and accepting the RSO is.

“It's about having fun and dancing with people who like the same stuff as you,” Leak said.

Mount Pleasant Senior Kelsi Wilson said she hopes the knowledge of K-pop at Central helps students who love K-pop join the RSO to meet more individuals with the same passions.  

"The fans that do enjoy K-pop, enjoy it very deeply, with a sense of passion, so finding people who enjoy it is exciting because we can all come together and talk about it," Jones said.

The RSO meets on Mondays 8-10 p.m. in Powers Hall Room 134 and Fridays 8-10 p.m. in the Rose Center 126.

K-pop at Central has no fees, except optional t-shirts, and there is no dance experience required to join.

"You don't have to feel like you have to be the best dancer in the world, I help with the instruction of the dance and I still have that little bit of insecurity, but the people there make me feel comfortable enough to do it," Jones said. "It has helped to get me out of my comfort zone and K-pop itself is something I rely on that has broadened my knowledge of other cultures and languages."

More information on the RSO on their OrgSync and their Facebook page Kpop Central.