Multicultural Student Leadership Conference to center on diversity in leadership


DeAuvia Rock speaks about her major takeaways from the seminar "Victim or Creator: Changing Your Mindset". The seminar, part of the larger Multicultural Student Leadership Conference held Saturday February 17, featured hands on exercises that challenged students to reflect and discuss using real life experience.

The Central Michigan University Multicultural Student Leadership Conference aims to emphasize diversity in leadership, on-campus unity and discovery of self. 

The conference will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 16 in the Bovee University Center. The event is sponsored by Multicultural Academic Student Services and welcomes all CMU students along with individuals from campuses across Michigan. 

The event's official tagline is "Innovate, Integrate, Motivate – Challenge Accepted." 

"Our intention is to help students brainstorm new ideas to incorporate into their respective involvements and personal leadership journeys, while motivating others to do the same," said Detroit junior Kiera Hollins, public relations chair of the conference. 

She said the conference will assist participants in relationship-building and emphasize on professional development. 

Through interactive lessons, Hollins said it will assist in advancing the means for creating "meaningful and purposeful interactions with people from different backgrounds." 

She said the overall goal is to provide a platform for diversity in the CMU community and to equip students with leadership skills inclined toward promoting multiculturalism. 

Planning for the event began in September 2018. 

"A key focus for us this year was to be more inclusive and provide a broad range of backgrounds to be represented in the conference. As well as with out presenters for workshops," Hollins said. 

She said the event will offer a safe space for leadership advancement regardless of students' "ethnic, racial, class, sexuality or identity." 


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