EDITORIAL: Congratulations to Threads for another outstanding fashion show

Support student organizations doing big things on campus

A model wears clothing by Jingrui Zhang for the Threads Fashion Show on April 6 in the Biosciences Building.

Twenty-four student designers. 27 collections. 122 models.

Along with a team of student producers, they all came together this semester to produce "Threads Fashion ID."

The 21st annual Threads Fashion Show was a sold-out event, with an audience of more than 1,000 people lining the runway to watch the show April 6 in the Central Michigan University Biosciences building.

Threads Fashion Show is an annual event produced by the fashion merchandising and design students at Central Michigan University.

Once again, the students behind Threads Fashion Show hosted one of the most highly-attended, annual and student-run event on campus. Every year, the students devote their entire academic year to preparing for and organizing the show.

Congratulations, Threads students, once again for pulling off an incredibly elaborate, elegant and professional fashion show. 

Designers, we applaud you for your dedication to your craft, and to creating new and unique pieces. 

It can't be easy for any of you designers, models or producers to take on such a big commitment on top of being students and most likely having jobs. We commend you for being committed to something bigger than yourselves. Threads has become a tradition that will hopefully continue at CMU for decades to come, and you should be proud to be a part of it.

Every year since 1998, Threads has offered fashion students the opportunity to use all the skills they've learned in their college career and showcase it in a collection for a large audience.

The show provides a platform to aspiring designers to showcase their work and collaborate with departments across campus, according to the Threads website. Students gain experience in different aspects of fashion production including public relations, photography and video production, graphic design, model management, choreography, stage lighting, web design and overall program development.

The theme this year, “Threads Fashion ID," focused on diversity. Designers were told to emphasize the inclusivity of fashion in their collections. The unique collections ranged from bridal wear, to mystic fashion, gothic designs and everyday wear.

The progressive theme highlighted the individual beauty in each model, all different shapes sizes and colors featured on the runway. It's admirable that the show is using its voice to promote inclusivity not just in fashion, but as a statement on campus. The show brought much-needed attention to an important issue in our society.

Not only did these students imagine and produce a professional-level fashion show for 1,000 people, they did it with a thoughtful and intentional message of "fashion for everyone" behind it. 

Congratulations again to the Threads Fashion Show participants, models, producers and everyone else who helped make the show what it was. We support students making big things happen on our campus.