Hendricks, Rose sworn in at SGA inaugural celebration

SGA president and vice president Jake Hendricks (RIGHT) and Lyndi Rose (LEFT) are sworn in for their term on April 8 in the UC Terrace Rooms.

Student Government Association held its annual Inaugural Celebration to commemorate outstanding SGA members and inaugurate new leadership on April 8 in the Bovee University Center.

President Jake Hendricks, vice president Lyndi Rose, treasurer Katana Meganck and three senators were officially sworn in at the event. 

The inauguration was also an opportunity for Hendricks and Rose to reflect on their past year with SGA and the agenda for the 2019-20 academic year.

SGA’s efforts in CMU’s “voter-friendly“ title were brought up during the event, as well as other projects such as the tampon initiative, Golden Gala and City Commission engagement. 

Future projects for the president and vice president include expanding on past initiatives, increasing the campus programming fund and generating awareness around Title IX. 

In his acceptance speech, Hendricks thanked his and Rose’s friends, family and supporters for their successful campaign. 

“We are incredibly excited to come up with so many different dedicated students, who have ideas and they want to bring these projects forward,” Hendricks said. “And we want to go beyond what is required of us as an organization to be advocates for students on campus. We want to make sure that we’re best advocating for the student voice, and that we’re taking their projects and ideas to heart.”

The awards that were given in the ceremony included:

  • Outstanding Committee Members: Callie Kamidoi, Kalli Walz, Taylor Dibble, McKenzie Rhoades, Blake Kwiecinski, Nia Boone
  • Outstanding Cabinet Member: Katana Meganck 
  • Outstanding House Member: Gretchen Holtgrefe
  • Outstanding Senate Member: Hannah Benemann
  • Outstanding Organizational Member: Yvon Bergner

Hendricks also gave out two unofficial awards to Rose and retiring treasurer Chase Delor.