28-year-old Mount Pleasant man arrested on aggravated assault charges


A Mount Pleasant Police Department car sits outside Walmart on Dec. 12.

A 28-year-old Mount Pleasant man was arrested on charges of aggravated assault Friday, June 21.

At 9:29 p.m. Friday the Mount Pleasant Police Department received a complaint about two intoxicated men fighting on a porch. When the officer arrived at the scene, he approached the victim, and a witness said the suspect fled on foot. The victim, a 43-year-old man, had a black and swollen eye and multiple cuts under his eyes and on his lip. The officer called an ambulance and left to find the suspect.

The officer found the suspect at Sunnyside Park, located on Elm Street. After some coaxing, the suspect approached the officer and said he was defending himself. The officer commented in the report "(the suspect) did not have any noticeable marks on his face that would be consistent with getting punched." According to the police report the 28-year-old man had a .111 blood alcohol level. 

A witness, who owned the house the men were at, said he and several other men were sitting on his porch drinking when the suspect became upset with the victim. The suspect yelled at the victim and then punched him, according to the witness. He said the victim did not fight back during the incident. 

Another witness who lived next door also said the victim did not fight back. According to the report, the witness said the suspect was "just punching him in the face over and over again."