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Alternative Spring Breaks available for sign-up

Students help protect a sea turtle nest during their Alternative Summer Break in Palm Beach, Florida in August 2017.

Some students spend their breaks from school relaxing, spending time at home with friends and family, working extra hours or traveling somewhere exciting, but some students prefer to spend their free time helping others in need. 

Every year at Central Michigan University, hundreds of student volunteers spend their winter and spring breaks traveling all over America and the world offering aid. Sign-ups for spring break opened Oct. 29.

Painting fences, building ramps for wheelchair accessibility and handing out food are just some of the things that students do to lend their help. Alternative Breaks are not organized by any specific charitable action but by the issue that it aims to help.

Some of the options students can choose from for 2020 Alternative Spring Break include:

Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities: Assisting mentally and physically disabled with education and accessibility.

LGBTQ+ Health and Wellness: Promoting education, awareness and advocacy for equal rights in the LGBTQ+ community.

Restoring Urban spaces: Making housing affordable by providing maintenance and repairs.

Rural poverty: Distributing food in a rural community.

Urban Education: Working in an after-school program in an urban setting.

These are just some of the breaks that students can choose to attend, students who are interested in Alternative Summer or Winter Breaks will find an even larger variety of options to choose from.

Students interested in participating will find relevant information, including the dates of all Alternative Break options for this year, a full list of options, participation policies and possible locations for travel on the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center's webpage. Or sign up directly at the Volunteer Center's Engage portal.