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Quinten Dormady handles task at hand in second start since return


Central Michigan quarterback Quinten Dormady attempts to pass against Bowling Green Oct. 19 Doyle L. Perry Stadium in Bowling Green.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio - At the end of the day, Central Michigan's offense and its quarterback completed the task at hand - beat Bowling Green. 

Quinten Dormady turned in a solid performance going 22 of 36 passing for 295 with a touchdown and an interception in the 38-20 win over the Falcons at Doyt L. Perry Stadium. 

Dormady led the offense, including a 24-yard strike to JaCorey Sullivan to open the scoring and cap off the first drive for the Chippewas (5-3, 3-1 Mid-American Conference), but he missed a couple of throws that could have been touchdowns.

In the first quarter, Dormady overthrew wide receiver Kalil Pimpleton by a step-and-a-half that would have almost assuredly turned into a touchdown. Dormady also missed a throw to Tyrone Scott and had a drop from Tony Poljan. 

"He was OK," said coach Jim McElwain. "I thought he missed three huge touchdowns and he's going to see it again. Other than that, I thought he took care of the ball for the most part and we've just got to get better next week." 

Dormady's interception was an underthrown, hanging ball to Pimpleton off his back foot. Pimpleton was forced to turn around, and he slipped before the pass was intercepted with a toe-tap catch on the sideline. 

On the other hand, Dormady started the opening drive with three strong passes to Sullivan, including the touchdown. While the touchdown pass was slightly underthrown, Sullivan was able to go make the play and open the scoring after a little more than just three minutes into the game. 

That opening drive set the tone for the rest of the day for CMU as it was able to move the ball with authority on almost every drive in the game. Sullivan ended the day with eight catches for 126 yards and the touchdown. Dormady said that he was happier with his performance against the Falcons than he was last week in the 42-28 win over New Mexico State. 

"I threw the ball poorly last week," Dormady said. "Then today I hit a stride, hit a rythym a little bit and the receivers made plays. When JaCorey gets going like that, he's hard to stop so it makes it a lot of fun."

Dormady made his second start since returning from the knee injury he suffered against Wisconsin and taking the reigns back from David Moore when he was suspended by the NCAA following a positive test for a banned substance. 

The support that Dormady and Moore have supported each other has been crucial for the Chippewa offense. 

"We were both supportive of each other," Dormady said. "I think it was pretty seamless in that aspect and that's a rough deal for him."

The road win was the first that CMU was able to pick up this season and its first since 2017, a win over Kent State in the fourth of five straight wins to close the season. 

As the 2019 schedule heads down the stretch with just four games to play, Dormady said that he feels as though he is progressing well, which may have been stunted by his injury. 

"I think personally I took a step forward and had a good week of practice and we executed as a team, that helps," Dormady said. "We work all year to come out and we have 12 opportunities guaranteed. 

"So, to be able to take advantage of one on the road, first one this season, was a huge step for the program, and we'll go get another one next week."