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OPINION: An introduction to the magic of Galentine's Day


Young women celebrating the power of femininity by channeling their favorite female entities for Halloween 2019. 

While I prepared to commence a testimony of why I love Galentine's Day, I couldn't help but experience my heart being propelled across the room when my friend blankly goggled at me and asked, "what's that?" 

As both my ambitions and expectations for the jamboree whammed into the library's glass windows, the only response I could manage was, "it's 2020, why aren't we better prioritizing teaching people the Galentine's gospel?" 

For those who haven't been blessed by the cornucopia of love-oozing monologues and back-to-back Instagram tributes embodying the festivity, then you simply haven't encountered the phenomenon of empowered gals empowering the heck out of gals. 

So when I woke up this morning with my hair a wave above my pillows and my conscience still euphorically unaware of the 16-degree day whirling outside my cocoon, all I could aim for was for Galentine's sweetness to drip up and down my forehead. 

I wanted Feb. 13 – and every other day eligible to host this commemoration – to swaddle me like an envelope addressed to all the women who have colored my mind with new ideas, encouragement to my ambitions and a validation to demand more out of the universe. 

As a writer, I was yearning to have my description of the celebration inspire the exact sensation of receiving the perfect compliment or burying your nose into lavender. As I sought this marvel out, I realized Galentine's Day is a love letter to the magic of being a woman equally elevating and being elevated by women throughout a lifetime. 

Galentine's Day is the reminiscent of being a child with her toes submerged in the Michigan sand, grinning at the cantaloupe-tainted waves and sky while her best friend conceived doodles on the shoreline. With golden hair beaming more luminously as the sun debilitates, the best friend tells her to write her wishes in the sand and allow Lake St. Clair to take them away and set her longings free. 

It is stumbling to a friend's house after a darty, opening the door to beautiful women lounging across thrifted couches and mandala-covered carpets and being greeted by pick-me-ups and a plate of vegan cookies. 

In addition, it is picking up a frazzled gal-pal at 1:16 a.m. to chauffeur her to Burger King for a late night feast of Impossible Whoppers and exchanging wisdom. As the two of you sit in a dormant car, your soul sparks with gratitude for finally having someone who depends on you just as much as you depend on them. 

When February becomes the month of young women applauding the clan of goddesses for keeping their own love for existence high in the atmosphere, it is essential to know how far the commotion of Galentine's Day expands. 

Female empowerment cannot be simply illustrated with a social media holiday, but must be praised as a concept voyaging beyond the constructions of divine feminine. 

After all, how can a powerful woman exist without a militia of women serving exceptionalism like ammunition? 


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