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SHOP TALK: Trillium Fine Clothing has women’s fashion from a variety of lines


Trillium Fine Clothing for Women is located on 123 E. Broadway Street.

From the outside, Trillium appears to be a small boutique in downtown Mount Pleasant – but entering the shop reveals a swath of fashion waiting to be bought.

Trillium is a local women’s clothing store in Mount Pleasant owned and operated by Helen Chase that has been in business for more than 70 years in the same location.

Business: Trillium Fine Clothing for Women

Address: 123 E. Broadway Street

Phone Number: (989) 773-7173

The business offers a variety of high-profile fashion and accessory lines from Maggy London to Vera Bradley. It is open from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Central Michigan Life talked with Chase about the history of the store and what Central Michigan University students can purchase.

CM Life: How long has the store been established?

The store was started (by) the original founder in 1947. I’m the third owner since the original, but it has been continuously open and operating since the beginning of the store.

How did you come into your role as manager?

I started working here while I was in college as a CMU student. I needed a part-time job, so I started working (here). I was studying fashion merchandising as my minor at the time, so one thing led to another. Eventually, the owner was ready to sell, and I bought it.

What clothing lines are available?

We have a wide variety of lines that we carry. In (the) accessory (department), we have Briton and Vera Bradley. In dresses, (we carry) Maggy London, Joseph Ribkoff – these are just highlights.

Do you have any new fashion lines coming to the store soon?

Every season I try to have something. I’ll continue to have the tried-and-true that always sell, and try to have something new and fresh that we haven’t had before.

Are there any events coming up soon?

We’re hosting our winter clearance sale right now… In the spring, there will be a benefit fashion show.

Why should CMU students come to the store?

We have something unique that’s not offered in the mall. We have Estee Lauder, so we have great makeup. CMU students buy Vera Bradley, they buy dresses for events that are happening (like) graduation, spring formals; and we have great sweaters and tops. They can get it locally, they can get someone to help them, and we’re not online. When they buy local, they’re keeping someone in business as opposed to Amazon.