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Coming Out: Update with Delany Lemke

One year ago, Delany Lemke told everyone at Central Michigan University that she's a lesbian. Each year, thousands of people in the LGBTQ community come out, but Delany's experience was quite different. One year later, I caught up with her to talk about an experience like no other.

Pass the Aux Cord: Roadtrippin

In this edition of Pass the Aux Cord, your hosts Jordyn Hermani and Kate Carlson create playlists for your next road trip. This playlist features hits from Sublime and Bleachers and is sure to get everyone singing.

Raving Geeks: A Dark Knight Returns

The Raving Geeks discuss the future of DC on screen, as well as some of the more controversial interpretations of the dark knight.

Horror Central: Halloween

Your hosts Kelsey Cavazos, Rudi Parker, and Ryan McCary premiered a horror film podcast, Horror Central. Listen to a review of the original Halloween movie. They discuss cinematography, the final girl, and the mask.

Gridiron Guys Episode 5

Dominick Mastrangelo and Taylor DesOrmeau talk about the upcoming Western rivalry game and more.

Raving Geeks: Tetrads Man

In this episode your hosts Malachi Barrett and Ben Solis celebrate another Force Friday. They also discuss the Super Moon, prophecies, and other space related news.

Pass the Aux Cord Episode 1

In our pilot episode your hosts Jordyn Hermani and Kate Carlson create the perfect playlist to fire up to this Homecoming. This episode features a wide variety of music to fire up to, including a few throwbacks.

Raving Geeks: Reboot Replacements

In this episode of Raving Geeks your hosts Ben Solis and Malachi Barrett talk about different movie reboots in the Geek universe. We discuss another famous beef between Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

Gridiron Guys Episode 4

In this week's episode your hosts Dominick Mastrangelo amd Taylor DesOrmeau review last week's tight game against Syracuse. They also discuss this weekend's game against MSU and whether or not there could be an upset. 

Raving Geeks: Got Beef?

Caption dataIn this weeks episode, your hosts Ben Solis and Malachi Barrett start off by serenading listeners with what can only be described as Enya meets Sting. They discuss this fall's upcoming nerdy shows and the Stan Lee Jack Kirby beef.

Gridiron Guys Episode 3

Taylor and Dominick are back bringing you the very latest news about CMU and NFL football. This week special guest Jim Costa joins the podcast and shares his opinions on the next CMU football game.

Raving Geeks: Stay Puffed

Your hosts Malachi Barrett and Ben Solis discuss geek decor and the items they want to see in their homes. Convoluted comic book back stories are told, and we introduce our new theme music.

Gridiron Guys: Season Opener Review

Your hosts Dominick Mastrangelo and Taylor DesOrmeau discuss Central's opener against Oklahoma State as Bonamego's first game. Predictions for Saturday's game against Monmouth are also revealed. 

The Raving Geeks Strike Back

In this season's premier your hosts Malachi Barrett and Ben Solis kick off with discussing their geekiest moments of the summer. Spielberg's bashes the superhero movie, Force Friday is discussed, and we decide what a Snoop Jedi would do. 

Meet the 2015 Editors

Adviser Dave Clark sat down with new editor-in-chief Malachi Barrett and new managing editor Sydney Smith to discuss the new look and future of CM Life. 

Gridiron Guys: Season Preview

Your hosts Dominick Mastrangelo and Taylor DesOrmeau discuss CMU's prospects for the football season in preparation for Thursday's game verse Oklahoma State.

Raving Geeks: In the Hall of Heroes

Don't miss the final episode of the semester with your two favorite raving geeks: Malachi and Ben! This episode is one spectacular, amazing, sensational, incredible, indestructible, giant-sized finale, featuring a special guest Michael Travis-Shuler, owner of the Hall of Heroes comic store in Mount Pleasant.