CMU Faculty Couples

WATCH: CMU faculty couples share their love stories and discuss what it's like working together.

NBS Sheri Jones Interview

WATCH: The National Broadcasting Society invited Crime-stopper host Sheri Jones to speak at their meeting last night.

Michigan Made Media

WATCH: Interview with Michigan Made Media co-founder Kenny Harris.

SOTS: Valentines Day

WATCH: Host Natalie McCorvie talked with students about their plans and past experiences on Valentines Day.

Know Your RSO: Film Society

WATCH: Take a look at registered student organization Film Society and the making of a film festival.

Centennial Nights

WATCH: Check out a recap of this month's Centennial Nights.

Trap Door Improv - Will You Be My Valentine's Day Show

WATCH: On Saturday, CMU's Trap Door Improv hosted their first show of the semester at The Platform in Moore Hall. Music:

Shutdown Line 5 - Live Music Fundraiser

WATCH: A live music fundraiser was hosted by Ponder Coffee to raise money for the organization, "Oil and Water Don't Mix."

Inside The Business: B's Music Shop

WATCH: Get an inside look into B's Music Shop and find out how it all began.

SOTS: Polar Vortex

WATCH: Host Natalie McCorvie talk with students about last week's polar vortex and how they spent their days off.

Snow Days 2019

Central Michigan University closed three days this week due to the extreme weather conditions.

Siblings Weekend 2019

WATCH: Check out the activities going on for this year's Siblings Weekend.

Senior Saxophonist Interview

WATCH: Senior saxophonist Taylor Huitema talk about his passion for music and what it takes to make it in the music program.

Isabella County Recycling Center

WATCH: Get an inside look into Isabella county's material recovery facility.

Martin Luther King Jr. Peace March

WATCH: Students, faculty and community members participate in the annual MLK peace march.

SOTS: Vaping

WATCH: Host Natalie McCorvie ask students their thoughts on vaping and if it should be allowed on campus.

Shawn Roundtree Jr.

CMU Marching Band

WATCH: Each year, the Chippewa Marching Band put in hours of hard work and dedication for their performances. Check out how they prepare for each game.

SOTS: Coach McElwain & Upcoming Season

WATCH: Host Natalie McCorvie asks students their opinions on Bonamego's termination, new head football coach McElwain and their hopes for the upcoming season.

A Conversation With CMU President Bob Davies

Central Michigan Life and News Central 34 sit down with Central Michigan University President Bob Davies for an exclusive student media interview.