#MeToo Founder Tarana Burke

WATCH: #MeToo founder Tarana Burke spoke at CMU on Sept. 17.

Just a Swing Thing

WATCH: Central Michigan University's club, Just a Swing Thing, hosts an all level swing dance every Sunday at 8pm at Wesley Church. Music by: Doug Maxwell - Sing Swing Bada Bing

Tamara Burke speaks about #MeToo Sept. 17

WATCH: #MeToo Movement founder Tarama Burke speaks at CMU.

Meet the CMU SGA President and Vice President

WATCH: Meet the President Jake Hendricks and Vice President Lyndi Rose of the CMU Student Government Association.

Glow in the Park 5k Sept. 14

WATCH: The city of Mount Pleasant hosted a Glow in the Park. Participants gathered at Island Park near downtown to create light in the night while staying fit.

Know Your RSO: Smash Club

WATCH: Host Adam Parry explores Smash Club, where CMU students play Super Smash Bros. weekly for fun and competition.

11-year-old DJ Dill Pickle

WATCH: Meet the Mount Pleasant 11-year-old DJ Dill Pickle, who spent his summer playing at festivals around Michigan.

Meet the Staff: Kelsey

WATCH: We talk about astrology, cats, changing perception, and more with Senior Account Executive Kelsey Church.

Preacher Rick Warzywak Sept. 13

WATCH: Preacher Rick Warzywak shouts his message outside the Park Library on CMU's campus as students walk by.

Students on the Street: Throwback Thursday

WATCH: Host Natalie McCorvie asks students about their favorite Disney show in celebration of Throwback Thursday.

Meet the Staff: Sara and Mitchell

WATCH: University Editor Sara Kellner and Investigative Editor Mitchell Kukulka reflect on writing about the damages caused by flooding in Mount Pleasant and a CMU student trying to fix spinal cord injuries.

Coffee Break

WATCH: We explore different coffee places around Mount Pleasant from local businesses like Ponder Coffee to franchises like Starbucks

Coffee Break

WATCH: We explore five different coffee places in Mount Pleasant from local businesses like Ponder Coffee and franchises like Starbucks.

Downtown Mount Pleasant

WATCH: Take a trip through downtown Mount Pleasant and visit the different places it has to offer.

CMU first home game tailgate Sept. 8

WATCH: CMU students get together at the first home game tailgate of the  2018-2019 school year before playing against the University of Kansas. 

NVC Kick Off

WATCH: Members of the Entrepreneurship Program at CMU kick off the 8 month New Venture Competition. Workshops and social events will be held in the coming months leading to the competition in April.

Students on the Street: Upperclassmen Give Freshman Advice

WATCH: Host Natalie McCourvie talks to students about college and advice they would give to themselves when they were freshman.

Get to Know Our Staff: Dylan

WATCH: Sports Editor Dylan Goetz talks about the most impactful story he's written for CM Life.

Karma Kat Cafe

WATCH: Karma Kat Cafe, a Mount Pleasant business, seeks to find homes for sheltered cats.

Get to Know Our Staff: Quinn and Chelsea

WATCH: Get to know our Features Editor Quinn Kirby and Photo Editor Chelsea Grobelny as they talk about their favorite photos they've taken for CM Life.