Coffee Crawl 2017

Coffee, community, and caring for the planet. This short documentary takes a closer look at the local businesses that participate in the Coffee Crawl event and are part of our Mount Pleasant community. Tickets for tomorrow's event can be purchased at


Jake Peister: for Joey

Drag Queen Show

Evangelical Preacher

Hammock for Homelessness Day

High Hopes Hammocks Co-founder, Connor Moynihan, shares about his company and the charity behind it.

Battling FAte

Slut Walk

WATCH: OWLs of Central Michigan University put on a Slut Walk. “SlutWalk” marches across the country are intended to promote justice for victims of sexual assault while protesting rape culture — the societal attitude that trivializes sexual assault and abuse.


Art Reach - Spring into Art

The Thing About Music

A short documentary about Central Michigan University Alumni, Barney Betka.

Comedy On Campus

Greek Week Olympics

As a part of Greek Week, members use their athleticism to score points for their fraternities and sororities.