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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Faculty in English Department concerned by ongoing CHSBS budget cuts

(02/14/17 1:37pm)

TO THE EDITOR: In your recent print article “Faculty concerned due to budget cuts, immigration ban and future of research,” you misquoted my colleague Tracy Collins, claiming that she said the English Department’s budget is now only just less than 10 percent higher than it was a decade ago.

Faculty members release statement of solidarity in wake of anti-Semitic Valentine’s Day card

(02/13/17 6:01pm)

TO THE EDITOR:We, members of the Central Michigan University faculty, have all learned of an anti-Semitic incident on our campus, one that glibly made light of the genocide of the Jewish people (and other marginalized groups) during the Holocaust.President George Ross issued a statement that this horrendous deed is not representative of our community.

EDITORIAL: Gorsuch nomination is encouraging for those who feared the worst

(02/06/17 2:40am)

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump answered one of the largest questions coming into his presidency: Who will he appoint to fill the late Anton Scalia's seat on our nation's highest court?We believe President Trump's pick, 10th Circuit Appellate Court Judge Neil Gorsuch, is not necessarily a win or loss for either Democrats or Republicans.