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EDITORIAL: New UP requirement fits CMU's core values, will not make it longer for students to graduate

(04/14/17 3:30pm)

At its April 4 meeting, the Academic Senate at Central Michigan University voted to add a new University Program category requiring students to take a course in non-race based discrimination.We think this addition will benefit students and the entire Central Michigan University community by creating a more inclusive campus — one of the university's core values.The new category, subgroup IV-D, will require students starting in 2019 to take a class focused on discrimination issues regarding gender, sex, identity, sexuality, sexual orientation, religion or disability.The new requirement will not force students to take additional general education credits — which was many academic senators' major critique earlier this semester.

COLUMN: Health care failure reveals Trump isn't who he said he was, Dems have more power than previously thought

(04/09/17 5:50pm)

Last month, the House Republican Leadership attempted to ram a massively divisive and unpopular bill through the United States' Congress and onto the American people. House Speaker Paul Ryan led the push. The bill seemed destined to fail from the outset and even up to the last-minute changes were being made.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Now is not the right time for a new Gender and Sexuality Center at CMU

(04/06/17 3:14pm)

In a recent edition of Central Michigan Life, there was a story about how a group of students would like to see funding for a Gender and Sexuality Center included in into the new budget for the 2017-18 school year.On March 30, students marched to Warriner Hall, collected signatures and gained support for the new center.

COLUMN: Softball has potential to win more than a MAC title

(03/30/17 1:00pm)

It doesn't really matter what sport you are talking about, the general census is the Big Ten Conference is better than the Mid-American Conference when it comes to skill level and accomplishments in athletics.However, there are certain situations where a specific athlete or even team in the MAC has a season where it could compete at a Power 5 conference level.CMU’s junior guard Marcus Keene is a perfect example in my opinion, because he broke scoring records for Division I NCAA that haven't been touched in decades.An example of a team would be Western Michigan football this past season, going 12-1 while winning the MAC-Championship game and beating two Big Ten schools on their schedule.