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EDITORIAL: Mission improbable

(02/01/15 6:55pm)

According to Open Doors 2014, a report released by the Institute of International Education, 289,408 American students studied abroad for credit in the 2013/2014 academic year.While this number is up slightly from the 283,332 students who studied abroad in the 2011/2012 academic year, it still represents less than 10 percent of American students graduating with an associate or bachelor's degree each year.Last year, only about 3 percent of Central Michigan University students studied abroad.

EDITORIAL: Comeback season fires up students, fans

(01/27/15 11:29pm)

After several lackluster seasons of Central Michigan University football, students and community fans finally appear to have a sport they can get behind in this year's men's basketball team.On Saturday, 4,041 fans made up the second-largest men's basketball crowd in McGuirk Arena's history, topped only by the capacity crowd at the building's inaugural game in 2010.


(01/22/15 11:45pm)

Twitter and Facebook began erupting shortly after it was announced on Thursday that Head Coach Dan Enos is leaving Central Michigan University to be the offensive coordinator for the University of Arkansas.We have two words for him: Bon Voyage.The departure of Enos after five years of service to the CMU Football team came as a surprise, but not a particularly bad one.

EDITORIAL: Academic advising not sufficient

(01/20/15 11:00pm)

In the spring of 2013, the ratio of students to academic advisors at Central Michigan University was 1,200 to one.While the university has added five advising positions since then to bring the number down to 600-700 to one, the ratio is still about twice the national average reported by the National Academic Advising Association.With advisors scarce and timely graduation hanging in the balance, it is up to students to take an active role in their own academic advising.According to the 2011 survey completed by the National Academic Advising Association, the average case load for one advisor at a medium university -  one boasting a population between 6,000 and 23,999 - is 333 students.

EDITORIAL: World-wide impact

(01/15/15 11:45pm)

The Central Michigan University Global Campus currently serves 7,500 students. In his State of the University Address in October, President George Ross said he wants to increase that number to at least 10,000.We applaud the president for focusing his efforts to grow the award winning program, which was ranked 13th in the nation for its online bachelor programs and 5th for its online graduate education programs by U.S.

A matter of respect

(11/30/14 9:40pm)

On a cold Saturday afternoon, in front of one of the season’s largest crowds at Kelly/Shorts Stadium, four seniors stood at the 50-yard line and botched the easiest play of their final game against the Chippewa’s biggest rival, Western Michigan University.All they had to do was participate in one of the oldest traditions in college football – the handshake between opponents.

Heroes day

(11/09/14 11:53pm)

One bullet hole marked the dent in my uncles helmet after he made his return home. It wasn't long after one heart attack, years of stress and a life time of high blood pressure made it apparent they were staying home with him.My uncle had a brief career as a translator for the United States military.

EDITORIAL: Give survivors a say

(10/30/14 10:56pm)

There are rapists attending Central Michigan University. Because of the rate at which sexual assault goes unreported, it is statistically improbable that every assault that has occurred on this campus has led to the conviction of the perpetrator.On Tuesday, members of Students Advocating Gender Equality held a public protest to encourage for CMU to expel every person found guilty of any degree of sexual assault, based on the Student Code of Conduct.