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Pi Sigma Epsilon traveling to Florida to defend first-place national title

(04/06/14 11:58pm)

Central Michigan University's Zeta Nu chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon has a title to defend. After winning first and second place in sales and marketing last year, the group will travel to Miami on Tuesday to compete in the fraternity's national competition. PSE Zeta Nu chapter President Tyler Wallner said the fraternity's headquarters hosts two conferences every year – regionals and nationals – attended by 67 other chapters from across the nation. "At the end of the day, we want to bring back some hardware and make our fellow Chippewas proud,” said the Lowell junior. “It’s about making connections and learning, but really, we don’t go there to compete; we go there to win.” The nine members that will represent PSE this year is the most in previous years. Each year, the fraternity has achieved a top-five spot in the Pro-Am Sales competition.

Greek Week starts Sunday, ends Friday with mock rock

(04/03/14 11:58pm)

As spring approaches, fraternities and sororities at Central Michigan University get ready for one of their most anticipated events of the year: Greek Week. Scott Courter II, a program assistant for Greek Life, in the Office of Student Activities and Involvement, said this year's chosen philanthropy is Special Olympics. "Greek Week is our big philanthropy week," Courter said.

Sigma Pi to rejoin Greek community after losing recognition in 2008

(04/01/14 11:58pm)

After a lengthy colonization process, Central Michigan University's Delta Alpha chapter of Sigma Pi will recharter and rejoin the Greek community on April 12. The fraternity began colonizing – forming a group that is recognized with provisional membership and moving toward full-fraternity membership – in February when they were approached by members of Sigma Pi International. Until the fraternity charters, Sigma Pi is recognized as a Greek organization with limitations. "During this time, they are working on an exhaustive list of things they must get done to charter," said chapter director Ron Browne.

Law fraternity stops rushing to allow more recruits

(03/30/14 11:58pm)

Running a registered student organization can sometimes be more like a business, and sometimes running a business means difficult decisions have to be made. Such is the case for Phi Alpha Delta – the pre-law fraternity at Central Michigan University – when fraternity president Grayson Smith made the decision to eliminate the rush process about a year after he took office. “It is a way to kind of filter members who do not contribute actively,” Smith said.

Phi Kappa Tau hosting 'SeriousFun Week'

(03/30/14 11:58pm)

Phi Kappa Tau is hosting a week of fun for various philanthropies starting Monday. "SeriousFun Week" allows registered student organizations to compete for the chance to win $300 toward their group’s chosen philanthropy. The week is not limited to fraternity and sorority groups. Points are awarded for participation in all the different events during the week, ending Thursday. Monday begins with a hot dog eating contest, starting at 7 p.m.

Alpha Kappa Psi to host Career Day

(02/18/14 11:58pm)

Being professionally dressed and having a knock-out résumé might not be all it takes for students to find work after graduation. Meeting with recruiters, networking and being able to sell skills as an employee are all equally necessary, but students often don't know where to start. To assist students in finding jobs, Alpha Kappa Psi and the College of Business Administration are holding Career Day from 9 a.m.

CMU's Pi Sigma Epsilon ranked No. 1 nationally

(02/13/14 11:58pm)

The Zeta Nu chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon is ranked No. 1 in the nation by its national headquarters. Known as the "gold chapter," Central Michigan University's sales fraternity beat out 67 other colleges including Ohio State, Louisiana State and the University of Connecticut for the title. Adam London, former president and a current member, said this is the first time in the chapter's history to receive the award. "To do something that has never been done, you have to go about it in a way that has never been done," the Ann Arbor senior said.

Delta Phi Epsilon to host ‘Be True to You’ week to raise awareness of eating disorders

(02/13/14 11:58pm)

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. As part of their philanthropy, the women of Delta Phi Epsilon are working to fight against this statistic by holding their third annual "Be True To You" week, a series of events dedicated to raising awareness and proceeds for the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. "This is so important to Delta Phi Epsilon because it spreads awareness all over campus," said Meghann Smith, philanthropy chairwoman and a Utica junior.

Greek rock vandalized outside Brooks Hall

(01/15/14 7:26am)

The painted rock outside Brooks Hall was found vandalized Tuesday morning. The rock, normally used as a sounding board for the multicultural fraternities and sororities that do not have houses, was defaced with a bright orange spray-painted image of male genitalia. “We feel it was very disrespectful and a lot of other Greeks feel it is disrespectful as well,” said Victoria Jones, Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority president. The Detroit senior heard of the vandalism to the rock around 8 a.m.

Political aide accused of sabotaging campaign has long history with Sigma Pi

(11/13/13 7:00am)

The political aide accused of sabotaging a former U.S. representative's campaign to repay Central Michigan University's Sigma Pi chapter has a long history with the fraternity. Don Yowchuang was accused in an October legal complaint filed by his old boss, former U.S.

Former U.S. rep alleges aide sabotaged 2012 campaign to repay money he embezzled from CMU Sigma Pi chapter

(11/11/13 7:00am)

An aide to former U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, R-Mich., allegedly accepted a bribe to "sabotage" the congressmen's 2012 re-election campaign in order to repay a Central Michigan University fraternity he allegedly embezzled. According to a Sunday report by Chad Livengood of The Detroit News, former McCotter aide Don Yowchuang is alleged in a legal complaint filed by McCotter to have accepted cash from an unknown source to repay more than $20,000 he allegedly embezzled from CMU's Sigma Pi chapter in return for submitting fraudulent nominating petitions that kept his boss off the ballot. McCotter was seeking a sixth term in the House of Representatives in what was considered one of the safest districts in the country last year before it was found he did not gather the minimum 1,000 valid voter signatures needed to be put on the 2012 primary ballot, despite turning in 2,000 to the Michigan Secretary of State. Now an attorney at a Detroit law firm after resigning from the House in July 2012, McCotter filed the complaint against Yowchuang last month in U.S.

Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity hosts Guy Code as part of Alpha week

(11/01/13 7:00am)

Is it OK for men to dance and listen to Beyoncé on the first date? Can a male order a piña colada at a bar? On Wednesday in Pearce Hall, class was not the only thing in session, Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity hosted Guy Code, where these questions – and more – were answered. Each year, the fraternity holds a week filled with educational topics in a fun atmosphere known as Alpha Week, according to fraternity member and Detroit senior Nickolas Williams. “Most of our events during this week are education based, and guy code is both educational and comical,” Williams said.

Delta Chi suspension still under review by CMU

(10/04/13 7:00am)

Central Michigan University’s Office of Academic Affairs is still in the process of reviewing Delta Chi’s recent suspension in the fraternity's last appeal to the university. Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services Steven Johnson is going over the case and will determine whether or not to uphold, shorten, increase or throw out the fraternity’s suspension. “No decision has been made yet.

CMU shuts down Delta Chi until 2017

(09/04/13 7:00am)

Central Michigan University's chapter of the Delta Chi fraternity received a four-year suspension by the Office of Student Conduct this weekend, effectively halting all of the fraternity's activities for the next four academic years. The suspension was the result of several university code of conduct violations that occurred at a party held by the fraternity on April 19. According to Tony Voisin, assistant vice president of Student Affairs, the fraternity was suspended for violating section 3.2.13, which prohibits illegal alcoholic possession, consumption or distribution, among other violations. "There was a code of conduct investigation done over the summer, and it was determined that the fraternity violated the code," Voisin said.