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SGA House and Senate passes resolutions on vending machines, excused absences on voting days

(02/15/16 10:10pm)

Two new pieces of legislation were introduced in the Student Government Association House and Senate tonight.A Resolution in Support for the Implementation of VendingMisers and a Resolution to Support the Creation of a Policy Ensuring Excused Absences for Students who are Voting and the Suspension of Exams and Presentations on Election Day were brought before both bodies for the first time.

SGA fills eight of 14 seats in the Senate

(01/26/16 12:07pm)

The first Student Government Association meeting of the spring semester welcomed eight new Senators to the Senate Monday night.Austin Blessing, Rahul Gopireddy, Bailey Gashton, Jackie Smith, Shayna Haynes-Heard, Boomer Wingard, Kyle Norman and Dan Duong were elected after giving minute long speeches and answering two questions from the audience as to why they were qualified to fill the open Senate seats.Six seats still remain open."We had individuals come up after (the election) who, because of some miss communication, wanted to run but didn't," said SGA President Chuck Mahone.

SGA to change meeting location

(01/10/16 5:48pm)

The Student Government Association will no longer be meeting in the Bovee University Center's Auditorium due to intended renovations on the room.SGA President Chuck Mahone said despite the fact renovations will not begin on the auditorium for awhile yet, he wanted to make the move at the start of the semester to avoid confusion."We're still waiting to see if it's possible to stay (in the auditorium) but for right now, we're tentatively going to be using Anspach," he said.Meetings will be held in Anspach 162.

SGA last meeting, House approves voter registration booth legislation

(12/07/15 9:33pm)

The last Student Government Association meeting of the year ended in 20 minutes in the House Monday night after approving a resolution to establish voter registration booths at freshman orientation.Penned by the SGA Governmental Affairs committee, the motivation for the bill came after committee members felt college age students did not attend the polls during the elections nearly enough.

Student Bereavement Policy passes in SGA House

(10/26/15 9:14pm)

A student bereavement policy was passed in the Senate but not in the House last Monday was amended and passed in tonight's Student Government Association Meeting.Within the policy, a friendly amendment was made to change the word "abused" to "exploited." The overall language of the bill was not changed and an overwhelming vote in favor of the bill ensured it was passed within the House.

SGA Diversity Committee draws criticism for using stereotypes in costume demonstration

(10/16/15 11:46am)

The Student Government Association's annual "We're a Culture, Not a Costume" awareness event was met with a largely negative response from the student population Wednesday afternoon after the diversity sub-committee utilized blackface in a racist Halloween costume demonstration."(We're a Culture, Not a Costume) is a campaign that we've done for three years except this time we did it live," said Chuck Mahone, President of SGA.

SGA Diversity Committee to redesign "We're a Culture Not a Costume" campaign

(09/28/15 10:14pm)

In an effort to reach more students across campus, the Student Government Association's Diversity Committee plans to redesign their yearly "We're a Culture, NOT a Costume" campaign. The new campaign "I am ___ not ___" hopes to combat not just racial and cultural offensive stereotypes, but stereotypes about gender and sexuality as well.