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SGA celebrates 95th birthday, talks accomplishments

(09/09/15 9:55pm)

Celebrating its 95th year, the Student Government Association kicked off the start of their 2015-2016 year with a birthday party in the basement of the Bovee University Center.While some students on campus question the necessity of having a student government on campus, without their continued assistance the university would not be what it is today SGA President Chuck Mahone said in the night’s opening speech.“SGA is actually the organization who got the SAC built, and while obviously we’re not the ones who funded it, we showed through over half of the campus’ votes that this (activity center) was a need that students wanted,” Mahone said.

Student organizations denied funding as SBAC runs out of money

(04/12/15 9:06pm)

Registered Student Organizations thinking of applying for financial aid in order to pay off registration fees for conferences may need to think again.The Student Budget Allocations Committee (SBAC), responsible helping RSO’s be able to attend conferences by paying off registration fees, bringing in guest speakers for their organization and helping fund RSO centered projects, has run out of money.SBAC Chairperson, Shelbe Klebs, says that this is nothing out of the ordinary.“(SBAC) runs out every year,” Klebs said.

SGA Women in Politics panel addresses lack of female presence in political sphere

(03/25/15 10:39pm)

Despite a low turnout Wednesday night, SGA delivered a Women in Politics panel in Park Library Auditorium which encouraged attendees to challenge what they knew about the political sphere and women involvement.Panelists included current SGA Vice President, Mariah Urueta, former SGA President, Marie Reimers, student activist Portia Brown and CMU alumna, Hayley Alderman.Opening the panel, Reimers gave a brief introduction on notable women in politics.

SGA presidential candidate unveils key points in policy ahead of election

(03/23/15 11:09pm)

Monday night’s SGA Presidential Press conference illuminated the key points in which President Chuck Mahone and running mate Maggie Blackmer intend to hit during their 2015/2016 time in office.Their talking points included getting bigger desks for students to use in classrooms and making attaining rooms around campus easier for RSO and SGA sponsored events.The desk issue, Blackmer said, derives from a need to accommodate students of all shapes and sizes.“We believe that it is extremely embarrassing and plain absurd that a student who may be bigger set is unable to sit in those types of (small) desks and have to, unfortunately, sit in a handicapped seat in the classroom,” Blackmer said.

SGA Senate in recess until after election

(03/19/15 10:00pm)

As of last Monday’s SGA meeting, there will be no more senate. Unable to meet quorum for their final two weeks in session, not having at least 15 members present so as to vote and pass legislation, no new legislation will be passed through the Senate.President Chuck Mahone says that this quorum, though uncommon, is “not unheard of”.The inability to meet quorum comes as a combination of senators who had to resign due to academic reasons and senators who took on a workload without fully knowing what the situation entailed.“In this context, were we’re at legislatively, this (inability to meet quorum) isn’t stopping us from doing anything we want to do,” Mahone said.

Marijuana bill introduced in SGA Senate

(03/03/15 10:00pm)

A new bill introduced in the House and Senate at Monday night’s SGA meeting may allow it so that students with medical marijuana cards may access and use their medicine while on campus.Senator Ian Elliot, the bill’s creator, says that his intention is not for students to possess and use marijuana for recreational purposes, but to assist students who require the drug for ailments such as Multiple Sclerosis and cancer.“(This bill) would not allow for the use outside of anything that the state already allows, or what physicians are already recommending students,” Elliot said.