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Trading Places: University president and SGA president swap lives for a day

(11/20/13 7:00am)

Students were astounded Tuesday morning when President George Ross walked into their classroom with a backpack over his shoulder and sat down to attend their class in place of Student Government Association President Marie Reimers. To gain a better understanding of what each office does throughout the day – and to get a better view of what’s going on around campus – Ross and Reimers swapped lives for the day yesterday for the first time ever. Ross got the idea of the switch from one of his old bosses back in the '90s, William Stacy, former chancellor of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

CPF resolution hits speed bump at SGA general board meeting

(11/20/13 7:00am)

A resolution to increase the Campus Programming Fund hit a legislative wall Monday evening after the Student Government Association Senate and House of Representatives voted in opposition to one another. The resolution requests that the CPF – which funds programs including the SGA, Multicultural and Academic Student Services, Student Activities and Involvement, University Recreation, Greek Life and the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center – be increased to $1.8 million to be on par with what it should be, as the fund hasn't been adjusted for inflation since its creation in 2001.

Officials, donors say no to fossil fuel divestment

(11/18/13 7:00am)

Despite cordial meetings, Central Michigan University officials have rejected calls from a student activist group to divest, or remove, the university's investment in fossil fuels. Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services Barrie Wilkes said doing so would be in direct conflict with his "fiduciary obligations" to the university's donors and investment board. "We have a responsibility to the donors that have given money to our endowment," Wilkes said.

SGA retains seat on A-Senate committee

(11/06/13 7:00am)

Student Government Association representatives on Academic Senate helped draft and pass an amendment allowing them to retain a seat on the governing body's Committee on Committees. The vote taken at Tuesday's meeting put an end to weeks of panic within SGA, which only learned of the proposal to take away its committee membership after the measure was presented as an agenda item on the A-Senate floor last month. SGA Senator and A-Senate student representative Sandy Lane said he was thrilled with the outcome and what it meant for the future of student involvement on other A-Senate committees. "I'm very pleased at the entertainment of our motion and our amendment and that it passed," Lane said.

SGA reps could be removed from A-Senate committee

(11/04/13 7:00am)

Student Government Association representatives might soon be excluded from a top Academic Senate committee if a proposed membership change passes at today's meeting. The membership amendment directly applies to the A-Senate’s Committee on Committees – a non-policy making committee that helps populate other policy-making committees. Among the proposed changes, the amendment calls for the removal of three seats allocated for SGA representatives appointed to the A-Senate body.

SGA RSO Growth and Development Committee working on updating organization manual

(10/30/13 7:00am)

The Student Government Association’s registered student organization growth and development committee began working on revising and updating the RSO manual at its committee meeting Monday night. After speaking with numerous RSOs and with students on campus, the committee determined that the RSO manual is horribly outdated and full of dead links online following the Central Michigan University website update at the beginning of the fall semester. “Students can’t find anything online.

SGA Diversity committee fights culturally insensitive Halloween costumes

(10/30/13 7:00am)

The Student Government Association’s diversity committee has been placing posters for its “We’re a Culture, Not a Costume” awareness campaign in an effort to inform students about the negative effects of wearing culturally insensitive Halloween costumes. “Some students might not realize the impact they are making when they wear an insensitive costume for Halloween,” said Saginaw freshman and Vice Chair for the Diversity Committee Kaye Reimers. The campaign was first started at Ohio University in 2011 by the group Students Teaching about Racism in Society, or STARS.

SGA House, Senate pass resolutions for student veteran aid, Syria resolution shot down

(09/25/13 7:00am)

The Student Government Association's House and Senate passed resolutions aimed at helping and honoring student veterans Monday evening. In addition to these resolutions, a different proposal declaring the student body’s stance on a war in Syria was shot down. At the meeting, Senator Sandy Lane introduced resolutions to honor veterans with a veteran cord that may be worn during graduation, explaining that it is a simple red, white and blue cord that student veterans can wear as a symbol of their commitment. Lane also introduced a resolution to set aside a portion of student housing for student veterans. “The student veteran population is growing and vets attending orientation have indicated interest in special housing.

SGA to form special committee to evaluate Campus Programming Fund

(09/23/13 7:00am)

The Student Government Association is launching a committee to look into how effective Central Michigan University's Campus Programing Fund is for the various departments it covers. The CPF fuels Student Activities and Involvement, University Recreation, Multicultural and Academic Student Services, Greek Life, SGA and the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center.

SGA elects one too many senators

(09/20/13 7:00am)

The Student Government Association might have to remove one of its newly elected senators after discovering it accidentally elected one too many into its ranks during the last general board meeting. The SGA currently has 24 senators serving, one over the allowable amount according to SGA bylaws. “This is a problem, but with all the problems we’ve had electing senators, I consider this a good problem to deal with,” said SGA President Marie Reimers, referring to the past issues with not having enough students to fill Senate seats. The process for deciding who to cut from the Senate has yet to be determined, but Reimers said checking the grade point averages of the senators might be one method. To be a senator, undergraduate students must carry at least six credit hours per semester and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

SGA held first committee meetings Monday, discussed future plans

(09/18/13 7:00am)

The special committees of the Student Government Association met in the Education and Human Services building Monday to go over objectives of each committee and what they intend to accomplish throughout the year. In the Spirits and Traditions committee, led by student senator and Rochester Hills sophomore Karen Nixon, 26 house representatives and senators discussed a plan to start an SGA team for the Homecoming festivities that will be happening next month. “The SGA has never had its own team for homecoming, so we’re hoping to put one together this year on top of helping the other RSOs work out their Homecoming projects,” Nixon said. In the Student Services Committee, student senator and Adrian sophomore Ashlea Phenicie proposed a safe sex program, aimed at providing students with easy access to free condoms around campus. “The University of Michigan recently started a program similar to what we want to do,” Phenicie said.

SGA losing buying power as campus programming fund fails to consider inflation rates

(08/22/13 7:00am)

The Student Government Association has lost considerable buying power from the Campus Program Fund over the past several years, and SGA says that is hurting its ability to perform. The CPF is an amount of money SGA is given to distribute across the campus as they see fit.

Bill would require drug testing for welfare recipients

(04/24/13 7:00am)

Two bills being considered in the Michigan Legislature would require welfare recipients to be drug tested and children to attend a certain number of school days in order to receive benefits. One bill, recently re-introduced in the House of Representatives, would initiate a suspicion-based substance abuse testing program for welfare recipients in Michigan’s Family Independence Program. Rep.

EDITORIAL: New SGA president Marie Reimers has blueprint to follow

(04/10/13 7:00am)

Saginaw sophomore Marie Reimers was given a mandate to lead following last week's Student Government Association election, which she won with 76 percent of the vote, and she must act to build on the progress the SGA has made over the past year. Former SGA President Justin Gawronski's term in office was far from perfect, but he was the first SGA president in a long time who can point to tangible accomplishments as he leaves office.