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COLUMN: To a dad who rocks

(06/17/17 10:07am)

In the background of any Aerosmith song, I can faintly hear the sprinkler running, gravel crackling under truck tires, birds chirping and my father's John Deer lawnmower — the sounds of summer I experienced as a child fortunate enough to have both parents in the picture.Before downloading and carrying your music on a portable device was ever a thing, the bulk of my music appreciation came from car rides with my dad.

EDITORIAL: New UP requirement fits CMU's core values, will not make it longer for students to graduate

(04/14/17 3:30pm)

At its April 4 meeting, the Academic Senate at Central Michigan University voted to add a new University Program category requiring students to take a course in non-race based discrimination.We think this addition will benefit students and the entire Central Michigan University community by creating a more inclusive campus — one of the university's core values.The new category, subgroup IV-D, will require students starting in 2019 to take a class focused on discrimination issues regarding gender, sex, identity, sexuality, sexual orientation, religion or disability.The new requirement will not force students to take additional general education credits — which was many academic senators' major critique earlier this semester.