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Western Michigan University receives record-breaking donation for medical school project

(03/23/11 6:30am)

The largest cash gift ever given to a Michigan college or university was reportedly donated Tuesday to Western Michigan University’s School of Medicine. The donation of $100 million was announced Tuesday by WMU President John M. Dunn and the private medical college’s partners, Borgess and Bronson hospitals' respective chief executive officers, Paul Spaude and Frank Sardone.

EDITORIAL: Elimination of paychecks justified; bigger cuts still necessary

(02/25/11 2:00am)

Eliminating paychecks completely from the university payroll system is a cost-effective move, but additional cuts can still be extended to other areas of campus. When only 1 percent of faculty and staff employees and 15 percent of student employees use the traditional method, it is about time to do away with the system. Direct deposit is not only an efficient way for employees to be paid, but it also eliminates the expensive process of printing paper checks. Regardless, cutting paychecks to an insignificant number of students, faculty and staff will likely result in insignificant savings.

Vision 20/20 stakeholder luncheon provides updates and reveals new plans

(02/23/11 11:42pm)

Community stakeholders heard updates about several Vision 20/20 projects from its five committees at its fourth annual luncheon Wednesday. Quality of Life Chairman Mark Smith announced plans for the committee's Mid-Michigan Community Pathways project, which would focus on connecting the existing Pere Marquette Path in Clare to the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail in Alma and Ionia Pathway in Ithaca.

LETTER: Severance payment to El-Sawi ridiculous

(02/17/11 8:45pm)

Really? Nehad El-Sawi is receiving nearly a quarter-million dollars upon her resignation? I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous. No offense to the professor (I'm sure she provided much help for the College of Medicine), but she was here for 10 months and is being paid almost 5 times more than my dad makes in 1 year! More importantly, her "severance package" could pay for approximately 11 years of tuition.

LETTER: Severance pay, construction projects perplexing use of funds

(02/17/11 8:00pm)

I'm outraged by what this school is doing. Nehad El-Sawi resigned on her own free will. There is no need to give her $238,691.76 No normal person would resign or get fired while being paid for it unless the campus is trying to hide something. Most professors that read the story know they would never be given that luxury.

Trustees hear graduate housing plans, construction updates during first open committee meetings

(02/16/11 1:34pm)

Trustees heard updates on several infrastructure projects during the board of trustees' newly opened committee meetings Wednesday. Steve Lawrence, associate vice president of Facilities Management, requested permission from the board on proposed renovations to Pearce and Powers halls totaling $24.5 million.

El-Sawi receives nearly quarter-million dollars as part of compensation package

(02/16/11 6:00am)

The compensation package for Nehad El-Sawi, former associate dean of Medical Education and Faculty Development for the College of Medicine, totals $238,691.76 as part of her resignation agreement. The information was obtained from documents acquired by Central Michigan Life in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

College of Medicine's first class delayed until 2013 with new timeline announced Tuesday

(02/16/11 6:00am)

The College of Medicine will not open its doors to the first crop of medical students until 2013. Dr. Ernest Yoder, founding dean of the College of Medicine, recommended a year-long delay for the project to further prepare for the Liaison Committee on Medical Education accreditation. University President George Ross notified the campus community in an e-mail Tuesday morning. “It will provide sufficient time to prepare for the stringent accrediting process,” Ross said in an interview with Central Michigan Life.

EDITORIAL: College of Medicine needs to end runaround, get facts straight

(02/16/11 2:00am)

In the Jan. 31 editorial, the resignation of Dr. Nehad El-Sawi, associate dean of the College of Medicine, was said to be no reason to worry for the future of CMU’s College of Medicine. But an e-mail sent to students Tuesday prompts one to say otherwise. The e-mail sent out to all CMU students by President George Ross said the opening of the college has been deferred from fall 2012 to fall 2013. And this is a reason to worry.

College of Medicine 'on track'; other universities make progress in med school projects

(02/13/11 1:55pm)

Universities all over Michigan are scrubbing up their curriculums with new medical schools. CMU's College of Medicine is "on track" both structurally and financially, according to administrators close to the project. Dr. Ernest Yoder, the college's founding dean, said the project has received positive attention and $1,035,000 has so far been raised. The amount is about $35,000 more than first reported by CM Life in September.

Accreditation, faculty hiring process unaffected by El-Sawi's resignation

(01/31/11 6:30am)

The accreditation process for the College of Medicine will not be affected by Dr. Nehad El-Sawi’s resignation as associate dean for Medical Education and Faculty Development. Dr. Ernest Yoder, founding dean of the college, said El-Sawi’s job responsibilities have been re-assigned until her replacement is hired. She led the faculty search team for hiring faculty, Yoder said, but the process will not slow down with her departure.

EDITORIAL: College of Medicine will persist onward without El-Sawi

(01/31/11 12:02am)

Dr. Nehad El-Sawi’s resignation may be an organizational hiccup in the process of hiring faculty for the Central Michigan University College of Medicine, but her absence is no portent of doom the project. University officials said El-Sawi’s Jan. 25 departure was a personnel issue they cannot fully comment on, though it was reportedly her choice to quit her position as the associate dean for Medical Education and Faculty Development.

El-Sawi leaves College of Medicine, nationwide replacement search to begin 'soon'

(01/28/11 3:24pm)

Dr. Nehad El-Sawi has resigned her position with the Central Michigan University College of Medicine. El-Sawi, who was the associate dean for medical education and faculty development, tendered her resignation effective Jan. 25, according to an internal e-mail sent by Provost E. Gary Shapiro Friday morning. Steve Smith, director of public relations, said El-Sawi’s departure is a personnel issue.

No impact on CMU College of Medicine from Supreme Court ruling

(01/26/11 3:30am)

Despite the Supreme Court ruling mandating that medical schools must pay for their residents’ social security taxes, Central Michigan University will not be affected. Last Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that full-time medical residents in training are employees, not students; therefore, they are subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes. This national cost is estimated at $700 million a year, according to a report by the Chronicle of Higher Education. Dean of the College of Medicine Ernest Yoder said this ruling will have no impact on CMU and the College of Medicine for the foreseeable future.

EDITORIAL: Trustee appointments should be for entire University, not just College of Medicine

(01/24/11 4:00am)

The appointments of Dr. Patricia A. Maryland and William R. Kanine to the CMU Board of Trustees have proven the College of Medicine will continue to be CMU’s main priority years down the line. Maryland is president and CEO of St. John Providence Health System and Kanine is a certified public accountant who serves on the College of Medicine steering committee.

New biosciences building good idea for education, should not come from university funds

(01/10/11 3:00am)

The Michigan Legislature’s $30 million allocation to the university for a biosciences building will compliment the existing academic programs and enhance the educational experience for students. The new building would also be a very timely addition since costly structural problems continue to develop in Brooks Hall, and the number of science-related majors have spiked at CMU since approval of the College of Medicine.

CMU partnership with Synergy Medical Education Alliance announced today

(12/14/10 6:56am)

Central Michigan University’s College of Medicine has officially partnered with Synergy Medical Education Alliance. The partnership’s goal is to provide clinical education for the College of Medicine’s students. earlier this month from the board of trustees, the university has created a 501(c)3 corporation with Synergy today, a Saginaw-based organization which coordinates medical education efforts in the area, according to a statement from the university.