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OPINION: Top 10 percent are main problem for environmental pollution

(04/20/16 8:04pm)

All social justice efforts I can think of boil down to the same underlying problem: discrimination.As Earth Day approaches, people should keep in mind that environmental conservation is no different.People who earn higher wages tend to live in areas away from highways, factories and other sources of undesirable pollutants.

OPINION: News outlets should be cautious when using anonymous sources

(04/03/16 6:04pm)

On March 23, News Central 34 released a broadcast that claimed to feature an exclusive interview with a student who said he saw sexually explicit images during a class at Central Michigan University.The student was unnamed and so was the professor, though references were made to an ongoing CMUPD investigation that we became aware of after officers executed a search warrant March 10 in Ranzenberger's Moore Hall office as part of a criminal investigation of child pornography found on the university-owned computer in his office.In the weeks following this broadcast, I have participated in several discussions with colleagues, members of the Department of Journalism and News Central 34 adviser Richard Sykes about the ethics of using anonymous sources and how Central Michigan Life has reported on the CMUPD investigation of a computer in Moore Hall and the now-ceased Faculty Personnel Services investigation of Mark Ranzenberger.Few ethical issues in journalism are more entangled with the law than the use of anonymous sources.