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Campus Republicans elect chair during chaotic meeting

One member of the College Republicans managed to stall the group’s annual election.

Midland freshman Dennis Lennox II, was running for chairman of the organization but did not win – despite extensive campaign efforts.

During an hour-long meeting, Lennox continually raised procedural questions and called for quorum vote which would require half the members of College Republicans to be present to vote.

Lennox’s efforts proved to be futile as Williamston junior Leslie Little was elected the new chair.

The organization has more than 400 registered members, but even with a larger than usual crowd, there were around only 40 people, said Highland junior Tony Mikulec, who was elected co-chair.

Lennox’s actions frustrated many members and prompted a second organization, “Campus Republicans,” to temporarily form.

“We need to amend our constitution and get it organized to have stricter procedure,” Little said. “We cannot have what happened last night continue to happen.”

Little said she wants to work on organization and returning College Republicans to traditional family values.

Lennox said he disputed the procedures leading to the election results because it violated the group’s constitution and parliamentary process.

“I plan to use whatever recourse necessary through the Office of Student Life to challenge the validity of the constitution, this organization, the winner and the election,” he said.

Tony Voisin, director of Student Life, said registered student organizations develop their own constitution and organizational policies.

“The Office of Student Life does not require that organizations must follow Robert’s Rules of Order - that is left up to the RSO to decide,” he said.

Campus Republicans

2006-07 Leaders

  • Leslie Little, chairwoman
  • Tony Mikulec, co-chairman
  • Bay City freshman Derek Gainsforth, first vice chair
  • Fowlerville sophomore Josh Elliott, second vice chair
  • Boyne City junior Katie Grice, secretary
  • Rochester sophomore Joe Corey, treasurer
  • Lowell junior Chris Bradley, SGA representative

During the meeting, College Republican members and Chris Petras, political science professor and the organization’s adviser, consulted the organization’s constitution, Robert’s Rules of Order and parliamentary procedures to clarify the process.

Northville senior Zach Christenson, a former College Republicans chairman, hosted the first meeting of the “Campus Republicans” Wednesday night.

The group lasted barely 15 minutes.

Everyone who attended came from the College Republicans meeting next door in Anspach 166.

Eventually those people returned to the original meeting and participated in the vote.

An anonymous person placed fliers on the desks before the meeting. They showed a picture of Little dressed as Daisy Duke from a Halloween picture taken out of context, and read “Is this the ‘conservative’ you want? Say no to Leslie.”

No one at the meeting took credit for the fliers. Lennox also denied any involvement.

Trying to make the best of the situation, Little autographed the fliers and said she was “turning lemons into lemonade.”

Later that night, Lennox’s Web site congratulated Little as he said he looked forward to helping her reform the organization.

Illinois junior Kara Lambert, College Republicans’ current chairwoman, was visibly frustrated with the difficult election process.

“Regardless of the divisiveness in the group, I would like people to stay involved in the state races,” she said.