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Our readers voice

Enough is Enough

The 15 minutes are up. It is time we be done with this assault on our intellect, and it is time for other subject matter to take precedent in the minds of article writers. I am speaking, of course, of the unnecessary attention being paid to one Dennis Lennox II As I open my CM Life and read the latest article or editorial featuring this protagonist, I can't help but be reminded of another case of undue media attention. Like Lennox, this person was being featured in all the papers. Like Lennox, this person was being praised for the works she had previously done. And like Lennox, I found myself wondering if anyone really gave a damn anymore. That person was, you guessed it, Anna Nicole Smith, a person who had done so little both as a human being and as the subject of publication. The parallels between Ms. Smith and Mr. Lennox are undeniable; however, two stand out to me. First, both have received so much attention for doing seemingly nothing that I feel dumber reading about them, and second, they have both arguably prostituted themselves for their own gain. Smith married a man she didn't love to inherit his money, in essence the ultimate act of prostitution; and Lennox will do anything to get his name in the paper. At this point I can see him standing on a corner somewhere soliciting just in the hopes of seeing the story in a publication the next day.

Up until now his supporters have been parading him around on their shoulders as being the champion of free speech, but I think it's time that that stigma be erased. My only personal experience with Mr. Lennox came in the fall of 2005. I opened this publication to see to see an editorial written about the cast of "No Zebras, No Excuses." In this article, the author chastised the cast for "using the Lord's name in vain" and told them that they should be ashamed of themselves. As the only cast member to use said Lord's name, it was clear that Mr. Lennox was speaking to me. Such contempt for those not prescribing to an individual's set of beliefs has not been seen since The Third Reich, and to have him hailed for his work with free speech is like praising Michael Jackson for his work with children. Freedom of speech does matter, and I doubt Mr. Lennox would be so active in his support of the First Amendment if he disagreed with a message. So as I said before, his fifteen minutes are up. Expel him, don't expel him; frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn. We should be done feeding the attention addiction of this hypocritical nuisance and should now concentrate on more important subjects, namely ... anything. I mean let's face it, he's so vain he probably thinks this article's about him.

Braden Thompson

Mount Pleasant sophomore