Sentes, Beebe switch weight classes

For senior Conor Beebe, 133 pounds was a little too heavy.

However, when Beebe came to Central Michigan, Luke Smith was the wrestling team’s 125-pounder, and Beebe moved up to 133.

The results showed that Beebe can compete at 133 pounds, advancing to the NCAA Tournament all three years he has competed for CMU.

But Beebe saw last year that being at 125 pounds was tough on Scotti Sentes, which Sentes would admit himself. Beebe felt comfortable at 125.

“Last season, I was cutting a lot of weight the whole year,” Sentes said. “I had a lot of problems. I was weaker during matches and I wasn’t able to practice as hard as I should have been able to. I just had to get through it and make weight.”

So Beebe brought up the idea to Sentes and the coaches of the two switching weight classes. Sentes said he initially had his doubts because of the height advantage he took advantage of at 125 pounds, which helped him place seventh at NCAAs last season.

However, Sentes thought about the energy lows he also felt at times during last season and realized he would be stronger at 133 pounds.

“Last season, it was kind of an advantage because I was always about 4 inches taller than everyone I wrestled,” he said. “This year, I am wrestling guys who are bigger than me, but I have more energy, so the roles have switched.”

Role reversal

Borrelli said he saw what Sentes felt and believes Beebe and Sentes will benefit from the switch.

“You can take a look at Scotti, and see he is pretty tall for a 125-pounder,” Borrelli said. “Toward the middle of the year last year, he struggled with making weight, and it affected his performance in competition.”

Sentes said with moving up a weight class, the biggest thing he had to work on is the strength difference between the two weight classes.

“I am going to have to get a lot stronger,” he said. “So I have been working really hard in the weight room. Hopefully, it pays off in matches and I can compete with the bigger guys.”

While Beebe wanted to wrestle at 125 pounds, the weight change is something his body is still getting used to.

“I feel like I have a better opportunity at 125 (pounds) strength-wise and everything,” he said. “Once I get my weight established and under control, I feel like I could make a real impact in that weight class when it comes down to nationals.”

Beebe is taking advantage of the early-season practices to find out how he feels at his new weight after a workout.


Beebe’s weight is not the only thing challenging him right now.

Senior Matt Steintrager and redshirt freshman Christian Cullinan are providing competition for the 125-pound spot on the team.

Steintrager has not competed for CMU in more than two years, while Cullinan is making the same switch as Beebe to 125.

Steintrager beat Beebe 3-2 at the intrasquad meet Oct. 30.