Outside the Lines: Meet 133-pounder Scotti Sentes

Staff Reporter Matt Valinski sat down with sophomore All-American wrestler Scotti Sentes to find out about the person behind the success.

Matt Valinski: If you could be an animal, what would you be? Scotti Sentes: I would be a porcupine, because no one can mess with a porcupine. It doesn’t have to do anything to protect itself, either.

MV: Why don’t you think people respect Florida wrestling? SS: In Florida, a lot of the best guys can’t really afford to go to all the national tournaments. Florida doesn’t have college wrestling and, a lot of the times, they are looked over and counted out. ... A lot of the guys I wrestled in Florida are tougher than the guys I wrestle now.

MV: Do you have a nickname? SS: A lot of the guys call me bones on the team because I’m so skinny.

MV: When you were younger, what did you want to grow up to become? SS: I wanted to become an astronaut to explore space.

MV: Outside of wrestling, what is your favorite thing to do? SS: I like to go out on the boat, go to the beach, wakeboard, kneeboard, stuff like that.