Brooks Hall water damage will cost $975,000; repairs to be finished Aug. 13

Central Michigan University hopes to have the damage from the water leaks in Brooks Hall repaired by Aug.13.

The repairs were approved unanimously by the Board of Trustees at Thursday’s meeting and will cost about $975,000.

The damage is from faulty piping on the third floor of Brooks which started leaking on June 4.

Work that still needs to be done on the building includes drywall, insulation, ceiling tiles, flooring and carpet and electrical repairs, said David Burdette, vice president of Finance and Administrate Services.

“We clearly want to be ready for Fall classes,” Burdette said.

Steve Lawrence, associate vice president of Facilities Management, said about 90 rooms were affected by the leak.

Trustee Brian Fannon said 40,000 to 50,000 gallons spilled in the building and compared the amount of water to that of a “hotel swimming pool.”

“If you can imagine that much water on top of the building then letting it out the bottom,” Fannon said.

Lawrence said the wall next to the leaking pipe was completely damaged.

“I’m definitely looking forward to the completion of the repairs,” Lawrence said.

CMU hired Coach’s Catastrophe Cleaning and Restoration Services in Midland to clean the building after the leak.

Wilcox Professional Services made errors in the original renovations in August 2008, including installation of underground water pipes and air conditioning ducts.

Fannon said at Thursday’s meeting that the person at fault for the leak will be discussed later.

The damage was also inspected by insurance agents from Mid-State Plumbing and Heating, 111 W. Pickard St. and an insurance agent from Victaulic, a manufacturer of the pipes used in Brooks.