Off the court: Volleyball setter Kelly Maxwell

Kelly Maxwell is a freshman setter with the CMU women’s volleyball team. She took some time and answered a few questions from Staff Reporter Brandon Champion.

Brandon Champion: Where did you go to high school? Kelly Maxwell: I actually went to two different high schools. The first was Royal Oak Shrine, and then I moved and went to Okemos High School.

BC: Why did you choose CMU? KM: I came for a visit and really liked the girls on the team. Coach Olson was very nice, too — I liked him as well.

BC: What are you studying here at CMU and why? KM: I am studying english and secondary education. I have just always wanted to be a teacher.

BC: Did you play any other sports in high school? If so, did you consider pursuing any sport other than volleyball? KM: Yes, I played tennis in high school as well. I thought about trying to play collegiality, but then I moved, so I pursued volleyball.

BC: What have you learned from the older girls on your team? KM: They have helped me a lot. Mostly, they have taught me a lot about responsibility and what it takes to play college volleyball. But they have also taught me how to work hard and still have fun. Volleyball is supposed to be fun, after all.

BC: In your opinion, how is college volleyball different from high school? KM: It’s a lot faster — the competition is at a much higher level. Overall it’s just much more involved on and off the court. Watching lots of film is one of the biggest differences.

BC: If someone were to look through your iPod. What would they find? KM: Well, kind of a theme on our team is Justin Bieber. Not really me personally, but he seems to get us all pumped up.

BC: What position do you play? What are your responsibilities at that position? KM: I’m a setter. It can basically be compared to the quarterback on a football field because I have to call out all the plays to all the other players on the court. Off the court, even though I’m just a freshman, I try and be a leader and make sure that my teammates trust me to make the right calls.

BC: Who is your favorite professional athlete? KM: I really like Novak Djokovic, the tennis player from Serbia.

BC: What was your first game like? Were you nervous? KM: (Laughs) I was very nervous, we were playing Purdue and I hadn’t really played much because I had broken my finger. I wasn’t expecting to go in and when coach told me to, my teammates all laughed at me because they said I had a look of terror on my face. But it turned out alright — I went in and did OK.

BC: What do you hope to accomplish while playing volleyball at CMU? KM: Honestly, I just want to make sure that I’m a good teammate. A personal goal of mine is to set the assists record.