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LETTERS: Graduate student, township supervisor for Sessoms

As a township official, I have come to have profound respect for the wisdom and judgment of the Michigan Township Association and when I saw that the MTA had endorsed Toni Sessoms in the 99th District Michigan House race, that respect was reinforced.

The Michigan Township Association spends a considerable amount of time and effort sorting through the background and qualifications of all those running for office and has endorsed candidates in 144 of the 148 state legislative contests.

In the 99th District, the MTA clearly felt that Toni Sessoms had the superior credentials to represent the interests of our state’s smaller communities. The MTA endorsement was heartening to me personally since I have gotten to know Toni quite well and I can attest to the integrity and hard work she has put in to her campaign.

Toni has also proven herself with active involvement in a considerable number of local organizations and has garnered the respect of all of us who have worked with her on one project or another for the good of the community. Her willingness to delve deep in understanding complex state issues is also impressive.

One thing that does set her apart from her opponent is her support for restoring the Michigan Promise. Her opponent does not.

I also feel Toni Sessoms will do more for CMU than just provide lip service as the previous holders of the seat have done. Supporting education and CMU includes voting for the funding.

At this time Michigan needs people with the depth and experience to help us deal effectively with moving Michigan forward. While the young man running against her seems like a perfectly nice fellow, a few more years of seasoning and community involvement might be just the thing to make him a more viable and credible candidate for future office.

When organizations like the MTA, the Michigan Fraternal Order of Police and countless other groups are all endorsing Toni Sessoms over her rival, I believe the choice is easy. Toni Sessoms is simply, without a doubt, the best candidate running in the 99th District.

John Barker Supervisor, Charter Township of Union

Clean water is my passion and my life. From knowing Toni Sessoms, it is easy for me to understand that she is the person we need in the state House to protect our Great Lakes.

I have traveled the world, helping third-world countries establish effective clean drinking water systems, and I have seen how dire the situation is.

The scarcity of clean drinking water around the world is unbelievable to the average American. The Great Lakes are an incredibly valuable resource to Michigan. As the world population grows, the demand for water will become ever larger. Toni Sessoms realizes this.

I know that Toni Sessoms will work to keep our Great Lakes great, and ensure no corporation uses our public lakes for private profit. Toni Sessoms will fight to keep invasive species, like Asian Carp, out of our waterways.

The Michigan Sierra Club has also endorsed Toni Sessoms because of her awareness of environmental concerns. To me the choice is clear. I am voting for Toni Sessoms.

Justin Moore Manistee graduate student Project Director, CMU Clean Water Initiative