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LETTER: Response to letter, 'Removing paper checks harms privacy, freedom'

Most of the information about how direct deposit and checks work is staggeringly incorrect.

Having worked four years as a bank teller, I know firsthand cashing a check in itself can be difficult if your schedule does not work with banking hours or you don’t want to pay a fee.

Opening a checking account at most banks requires very little start-up cash, and is not a life invasive process. Local banks do not suddenly collapse, and a debit card typically has a limit of $250 and up.

With direct deposit, the hassle of getting to the bank is gone and the money should be available fee-free from a bank-owned ATM.

As for checks being secure, they aren’t. They can get lost or stolen and, if a bank or store employee is lazy checking ID, can be cashed by anyone.

Direct deposit is the more convenient way to be paid by far.

Stuart Jeannot

Honor junior