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LETTER: New psychological study classifies people in two groups, truth-tellers or habitual liars

The brains of some people are built to lie, says a new study. Psychologists at the University of Southern California screened 108 people, classifying them as either habitual liars or truth-tellers.

Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), they scanned subjects' prefrontal cortexes, the area of the brain that controls moral behavior and strategizing. It turned out liars' brains had 26 percent more of the white matter that manages complex planning, and 14 percent less gray matter, the brain tissue that regulates impulse control.

Thus, liars' brains appear to be wired for deceit: Combining a greater capacity for quick-thinking with a reduced agility to feel remorse. This helps me understand why the republicans in office with few exceptions, led by their hard-core leaders, like Mitch McConnell, John Bonner, Carl Rove, The Fox News Network, boys — like Bill O'Riley, Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and their friends spread lies without conscience.

They can't help it they were born liars. Fortunately, people are finally realizing it. They will soon be history. Their policies of enriching their millionaire buddies and corporations at the expense of the down-trodden and working class people of America is shameful.


Lee Parker