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LETTER: Response to Nathan Inks' column

I applaud Mr. Inks and you for not censoring the comments on his “tasteless” article concerning the 9/11 Truth Movement. It is too bad he did so little research before writing the piece but hopefully the replies will inspire him to seriously investigate topics before betraying the trust of his readers again as so many “journalists” in this nation have become accustomed to doing. Had he attended the Richard Gage, AIA presentation at Lawrence Technological University on April 18 (I was there), I am certain he would not have been so quick to dismiss the unified professional opinion of almost 1500 licensed architects and engineers who all agree only explosives could have caused the level of destruction we witnessed in NYC on 9/11.

You are likely too young to remember, but 30-plus years ago the most respected journalists were the ones who told their readers what they needed to hear and were applauded as heroes for exposing corruption in the Government and private sectors. Now, the only journalists with decent jobs are the ones who tell their readers what they and the corporate media CEOs want them to hear.

I am a registered nurse who took an oath to place the safety and rights of my patients above all other concerns. Too bad there is no oath for journalists in this country to investigate without bias (as best they can) and then report what they have learned. Maybe your generation will once again make honest reporting the norm rather than the exception.


Jack W. Heginbotham RN

Miamisburg, Ohio