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LETTER: Anti-'Potter' column misrepresents series' merits

As a Central Michigan Life alumnus I have worked with many fine reporters, one of which is Maria Amante. But there is one thing she is not: a pop culture analyst.

In her most recent CM Life column, “More like Hogwash,” she claims the “Harry Potter” series is “McLiterature.” This simply is not the case.

While it is not the most advanced writing — J.K. Rowling is no Ernest Hemingway — it is solid in its own right.

Add to the fact that Amante admits she has not read or seen any of the books or films. If she did, she very well may feel the same way, but then at least her opinion would be valid.

Having as hard-lined an opinion as she does before even giving the series — books or films — a chance is like saying you don’t like broccoli (which I hate) before trying it.

The “Potter” series is not for everyone, but then again neither are “modern novels and political biographies.”

What is so good about the series is that it, unlike most pop culture, bridged generations. And while I hopped on the "HP" bandwagon later than most, I still know just as many adults who (like their children) have been reading the novels since the first one was published in the US 13 years ago.

But my biggest issue with Amante’s anti-"Potter" manifesto is that she “seriously doubt(s)” fans think “critically or objectively” about the series. That is like saying “Star Wars” fans don’t discuss those films seriously. It’s just not true.

I have had (and read) countless conversations regarding the “merits and flaws” of the series. It’s not perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot deeper than Amante claims. Especially from “Order of Phoenix” onward.

Stick with politics and investigating CMU President George Ross, Maria. Pop culture just isn’t your thing.

Michael L. Hoffman

CM Life Alumnus