LETTER: Students should feel safe

The editorial in Central Michigan Life on Monday asks if students are safe, given the recent revelations about former police officer Jeff Card. Card’s actions represent himself and not the entire police department here at CMU. I have lived next door to one of CMU’s police officers for almost the past five years.

Detective Mike Seinkiewicz is a fine person and a fine police officer. He is also a great parent, husband, church member and a wonderful neighbor to me and others in our neighborhood. He epitomizes what we all should strive to be.

Although I don’t personally know others in the department, I can say that my every interaction with CMU police over the last twenty-five years has been professional, courteous and completely above board.

I hope that the editorial and the articles recently published don’t make students feel they cannot trust their police force to do the right thing. That would be a shame. Try to have some perspective and not judge all of the police on the basis of one who has shown poor judgment.

Sandra Snow

English Instructor