LETTER: Support Matt’s Safe School Law

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. Isn’t this the message that we want our kids to live by? But yet we sit there and encourage them to fight bullies, because that is just the process of “growing up,” or going through a “phase”? Wrong!

Kids do not deserve to be treated like this! Teased because of how they dress, picked on for the way they talk, or how they walk because of a disability, not being picked in gym class because of the color of their skin. Does this sound like just going through a “phase” to you? Matt’s Safe School Law is a law that will require every school district in Michigan to have an anti-bully policy.

Imagine your children feeling safe in their school without having to worry about getting picked on every single day. We have all gone through the process of being picked on and I know that when it happened to me, it did not feel good. From verbal bullying to physical bullying, bullying over the internet to getting called names through cell phones — bullying hurts no matter what type it is.

Help pass Matt’s Safe School Law and make the schools a safer, welcoming and fun place for the kids to learn. Contact your legislator to ask for a passage of Matt’s Safe School Law today.

Thank you,

Kayla Paczkowski Alpena junior

Editor’s note: “Matt’s Law will require every school district in Michigan to have an anti-bullying policy. Currently it is suggested that schools have such a policy.