LETTER: Ice and Snow Removal: When Will Campus Be Safe?

I am writing in regards to how Central Michigan University handles the removal of ice and snow on campus.

After five years attending CMU, the removal of ice and snow continues to remain an issue on campus. For some reason it seems as though the University has little to no concern about the safety of students while they are driving on campus as well as walking on campus.

For five years now I have slipped and fallen while walking on campus and slipped while driving on campus and have almost gone through intersections due to the failure to salt and plow roads and sidewalks properly.

The first week of the major snowfall this season I was parking at the EHS building and the parking lot was nearly 3 inches think of solid ice and I slid while parking my car.

When I went to meter my car I slipped and bashed my knee on the side of my car and I am still in pain today. I blame this injury on the failure to keep the campus safe by facilities management.

Tonight I was driving on campus and I slid around a corner because the roads were not salted. I feel as though the University puts snow and ice removal on the back burner when it comes to deciding what they need to accomplish in any given day.

I feel as though, like every other person, that the University knows that the snow is coming and they fail to take precautions to make sure that campus is safe to drive on and walk through.

From the lack of proper snow and ice removal I believe that CMU has no care as to whether or not students are safe while they are on campus. So I ask when will campus be safe in the winter?

A response from facilities management or the administration would be greatly appreciated.


Tanner Parmentier,

Commerce Township senior