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​Heroes on display

Senior Ifeoluwaloju Zuri of Detroit poses while senior Rachel Gould draws the Mona Lisa for the opening night of Heroes.

On Thursday afternoon the Central Michigan University Art Gallery hosted the opening reception for their newest exhibition, titled “Heroes.” The exhibition featured the artwork of seven different artists from across the nation, including an appearance from local artist Brett Sauve of Midland. Students, professors and community members of all ages gathered to admire the works at the event.

Bringing in multiple artists helped provide a variety of works for the exhibition. Some art pieces were brightly colored and fun, featuring classic Marvel superheroes. Other pieces had a more somber tone, featuring the faces of everyday people viewed by the artists as heroes.

In addition to artwork displayed and the refreshments provided, the exhibition featured hands-on activities for viewers. A variety of images, from the Mona Lisa to a picture of WonderWoman, were projected onto large sheets of paper pinned to the wall. Visitors were encouraged to draw on the projections, creating their own works of art. The exhibition will be displayed on campus until Feb. 14.