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Letter to the Editor: A nice gesture showcases CMU students' compassion


Sunday around noon I was checking out of a local grocery store when I noticed that I did not have my bankcard with me – only some cash. The bill came to $65 and I had $55!

While the cashier and I were figuring out what to take out of the cart, a voice was heard from behind; “We’ll spot you $10."

They were two young women dressed in Central Michigan University clothes. I demurred but they said to go ahead and take it. I said that I would get the cash back to them but they said it was not necessary. I asked for their names (which I promptly forgot) but I do remember that they said that they were juniors on the Field Hockey team.

So, here we have a couple of college students helping a stranger with no expectation of getting something in return – I think that is pretty neat! It certainly says something about student athletes, and I think it says something very positive about this generation of students at CMU.


Professor of Psychology

Central Michigan University