Drunk man destroys Mount Pleasant Police Department lobby


Dominic Cordes, 19

While officers were busy taking calls early Sunday morning, a man was destroying the lobby of the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

Dominic Cordes, 19, was ticketed for drinking at a party on Douglas Street earlier that night, and officers took sympathy on him when he told them he lost his friends and didn't have a ride home. They offered Cordes a ride to the police department, where he could use a phone and wait for a taxi.

Officer Jeff Browne said Cordes wasn't dressed for the 30 degree weather. 

Between when the Williamston resident arrived and when officers returned to check on him at 3 a.m., Cordes caused more than $500 of damage to the lobby.

A video shows him talking angrily on the phone, while simultaneously throwing and kicking random objects, including a phone used exclusively for 911 calls, a speaker used by police to communicate between departments and a non-profit candy machine. 

"When the officer arrived, the kid was in the process of leaving," Browne said. "Then he fought with the officer and was arrested."

Browne said officers don't know why Cordes was so angry. When a breathalyzer was administered, Cordes' blood alcohol level was .13.

The non-CMU student was arrested on charges of resisting and obstructing, a two-year misdemeanor, and malicious destruction of police property, a four-year felony. Cordes was arraigned earlier this week, and bonded out of jail after his arrest. He will appear in court for a probable cause hearing on Oct. 29. 


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