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CMU students reveal expectations for the new 'Star Wars' film


Almost 40 years, six movies, animated television shows and a multitude of video games since then, the Star Wars universe now welcomes the addition of a seventh movie, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." It is set to be released in theaters Dec. 18.

With the excitement for the film that has been building for years, some see the large amounts of marketing for the film as a good thing.

“Personally I think the hype is good because I think it is going to live up to its expectations so I like the hype. I like seeing people being very excited about 'Star Wars' because I am a huge fan myself,” said senior Tim Minotas.

Minotas has been a fan of the series since his childhood and recalled his first time seeing one of the films in theaters.

“I remember seeing episode one that came out in 1999 and I remember I got dressed up as Obi-Wan Kenobi and had my Stormtrooper (toy) gun," he said.

Minotas isn't the only fan who remembers seeing "Star Wars: Episode I —The Phantom Menace." Several people posted some of their "favorite 'Star Wars' memories" on Central Michigan Life's Facebook.

Farwell native Josh Adams posted that his "Star Wars" experience was a bit atypical from the norm.

"Back in 1999 (I know, I'm old) my aunt bought me tickets to 'The Phantom Menace.' We were about five minutes late to the cinema and the person told us to go to screen four," Adams said. "We go in there, and about 45 minutes into the movie the credits rolled. Somehow the person pointed us to the wrong theatre. We ended up staying and watching a midnight showing and saw 'The Phantom Menace' one and a half times."

Even farther back, English Language Institute faculty Steve Smith remembers seeing "Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope" at a drive in movie theatre.

"(I) watched episode four at the old drive-in movie theater in Rosebush with friends of mine and theirs parents when I was a child," the Farwell native said. "We watched from the top bunk of their motorhome. It was awesome."

Still, others are indifferent and even see the hype as a turnoff.

“I think (the hype) is kind of ridiculous, I mean I know it’s all for money," said Big Rapids freshman Jenny Eldred. "It’s that the same reason they stretched out 'The Hobbit' movies into three movies so I guess it’s expected. I think it’s kind of stupid, but I just ignore it.”

While most students had not even born during the release of the original trilogy, the excitement of the release is prominent in a younger generation of fans.

“I am a big fan of the 'Star Wars' trilogies. I’ve seen all of the movies, the short Clone Wars series that they did, the Cartoon Network series that they did, and I’ve played all the game pretty much,” said freshman Mike Gregg.

Freshman Alexandra Mapp said the movies are important to her family, which has made her buy into the hype as well.

"My whole family is built around 'Star Wars' except for me so I have only seen the very last movie from a few years ago and I’ve seen bits and pieces from the other ones," she said.

Even with their excitement, long-standing fans of "Star Wars" have their worries about the newest film.

“I have big expectation for the movie, but I’m just a little concerned with the cast overall and some of the trailers seem to be giving a little too much away. I’m just worried how the story is going to hold up pretty much,” Gregg said.

Fans also had hope and doubts about the "Star Wars" brand newest owners, the Walt Disney Company, but are maintaining a positive outlook.

“I’m a huge fan of George Lucas, don’t get me wrong, but I think Disney will do a very good job with the new one," Minotas said. "I know with the newer episodes one, two, and three there was a lot of disappointment among 'Star Wars' fans with how those movies came about. I think Disney will fulfill its expectations."

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Posted by Central Michigan Life on Wednesday, 2 December 2015