Texas Roadhouse to be built on Mission Street

A site plan and special use permit has been approved for a Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Mount Pleasant.

The restaurant will be located on vacant land in front of the Mount Pleasant Shopping Center on Mission Street. It was approved unanimously by the Mount Pleasant Planning Commission on Thursday. 

The proposed site plan shows a 7100 square foot restaurant with 67 parking spaces. Because it will have a liquor license and is part of the Mission Overlay Zone, it required a special use permit.

City Planner Jacob Kain noted the city does not have input on what kind of restaurants are built in the city. 

"There's nothing in the code on what kind of restaurants we can have," he said. "The market will judge that, not the city." 

The restaurant chain must still submit building permits, which usually takes a couple of months, Kain said. The city does not know the exact completion date, but Kain said chain restaurants can go up as fast as in three or four months. 


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