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Edgy spring collection created for Threads Fashion Show

While designing her collection for Threads Fashion Show, Megan Gregory kept her models close in mind, and used their physical features as inspiration the clothes they will wear on the runway.

“My goal was to have my actual looks complement my models, so I created my looks off of them," Gregory said. "One model has tattoos and I wanted to make sure to show them off since that’s who she is."

The Canton sophomore started having an interest in design as a sophomore in high school after taking a sewing class. For the first time in the Threads Fashion Show, Gregory will display her work on April 23. She hopes being in the show will add to her experience as a designer and get her closer to her goal of designing evening wear in her career.

“I wanted to structure and line my collection with flowing fabrics," Gregory said. "It’s a 'going out' collection that’s edgy and fun."

TGregory said she wanted the collection to be cohesive and have a feminine look to it.

Once the spring theme and fabric were decided the actual style of her pieces was determined based off of her models' personalities and physiques. 

"First and foremost I want people to think they are beautiful. I want them to envision what I did when I created them," Gregory said. 

The designer began putting her thoughts together in the fall but didn't start designing until this spring. the name of her collection is Friday Night Fever, allowing her looks to have a combination of dressy and ready-to-wear styles that she used to make her line unique. 

"I'm a procrastinator, I only worked about an hour or two a day on my outfits but I have recently been staying up late and got up early on submission day to finish looks," Gregory said. 

“The hardest part of designing is that I am always second-guessing myself, which causes a lot of stress but will be well worth it in the end,” she said. "I had a fourth look but ended up cutting it because I wasn't in love with it, which was a setback for me." 

This fall, the designer will transfer to Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia to get the full effect of working in the fashion world.

“My plan after college is to work under a fashion house to take in the creativity and thought process, and learning the industry,” Gregory said. 

Fashion houses are a term for companies like Dior and Versace that make high-fashion clothing and have designers work specifically for their brand. 

"Being a part of Threads will help me become a better designer and will also be a great achievement that I can carry with me throughout my career,” said Gregory. 

Gregory said she hopes to work for big evening wear designers. She often seeks the support from her family as she works to achieve her goal of working in the fashion industry one day.

“My mom is my go to, she will be honest with her thoughts on certain looks and styles, she is always there for me,” Gregory said.